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Karanpura Must Live – The Story Of A Campaign To Save A Landscape

Bulu Imam knew, well before it was accepted by the world, that coal mining in biodiversity hotspots was not just unsustainable, but downright dangerous. He spoke of water shortages and climate effects long before scientists raised their global alarms. After a lifetime of battling the dismal ones, principally led by the World Bank and its camp followers, he has now dedicated his life to documenting…

Round 2: Tiger Temple Takedown

Sanctuary Nature Foundation is reviving the #TigerTempleTakedown, a campaign developed to build awareness on the neglect, abuse and illegal trade of tigers at the hands of Thailand's Tiger Temple that is now in the process of constructing an offshoot tiger zoo next door.

Giant Refugees

On the outskirts of Bhubaneswar city, Odisha, a herd of wild elephants is caught in simmering conflict with humans. These elephants are regularly harassed and abused as they wander rural lands and degraded forests in search of food. Urge the Chief Minister of the state to implement short-term and long-term solutions for their protection.

Raising Sheep In A Protected Area

Shifting the state-owned sheep-breeding farm out of Kashmir’s Dachigam National Park is a critical priority, if the last-remaining population of the endangered hangul deer is to be protected.

Mumbai’s Battle To Save Aarey Continues

Manish Gadia, founder of Save Aarey campaign, throws light on the tussle between the government and the people over proposed ‘development’ plans in Aarey Colony.

Dankuni In Distress!

Despite a recent High Court order to protect the Dankuni wetlands in West Bengal, without public pressure we could lose these wetlands to land sharks.

Unhappy Feet – Humboldt Penguins Should Not Be Exhibited In A Zoo For Human Entertainment

Say No! to imprisoning Humboldt Penguins - found naturally in Peru and Chile, in Mumbai’s Byculla Zoo.

Stop The Sand Mafia!

Steps need to be taken to combat the illegal sand mafia in India, and they need to be taken urgently.

Let Rajaji Be!

The Rishikesh ashram in the core area of the Rajaji Tiger Reserve, where the iconic band, The Beatles, once stayed, has been opened to the public in disregard of wildlife laws.

Elephant Graveyard

In the eastern state of Odisha, a quiet carnage is claiming the lives of wild elephants. Since the year 2000, an estimated 150 of these giants have been killed by electrocution, either intentional or ‘accidental’.

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