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Elephant Graveyard

In the eastern state of Odisha, a quiet carnage is claiming the lives of wild elephants. Since the year 2000, an estimated 150 of these giants have been killed by electrocution, either intentional or ‘accidental’.

The Tiger Temple Takedown

Sanctuary Asia launches the #TigerTempleTakedown, a campaign developed to build awareness on the neglect, abuse and illegal trade of tigers at Thailand's Tiger Temple.

CITES, Don’t ‘CoP’ Out On The Rhino!

South Africa’s proposal to legalise the rhino horn trade is a regressive step in the bloody battle to protect these ancient mammals. The proposal must be vociferously opposed and defeated at the upcoming Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species (CITES) 17th Conference of Parties (CoP) meeting. Rhino horn is expensive; more expensive than gold and cocaine. It is deadly; in 2014, in South Africa, home…

Save Aarey!

In Mumbai, a city of teeming millions, isolated pockets of wilderness struggle relentlessly to purify the air, moderate the climate, protect watersheds and provide much-needed recreational space to the city weary. Adjoining Mumbai’s famous leopard-bearing Sanjay Gandhi National Park is the Aarey Milk Colony – a little-known forest of immense worth, and one that is today in danger of being mutilated under the guise…

Don’t Cut Through Coorg!

The construction of a power line threatens to rip apart Coorg’s finest forests. Sanctuary urges its readers to write demanding that alternatives to this destruction be examined.

Pump It For Pangolins On World Pangolin Day!

Pangolins are incredible creatures. They are the only mammals that are completely covered in scales – which protect them from predators such as lions and tigers. When sensing danger nearby pangolins roll up into a tight ball that can’t even be pierced by the ferocious king of the jungle! Their sticky tongue is as long as their body and is the ideal tool to catch ants and termites from burrows on the ground and…

Humboldt Penguins At Rani Bagh Zoo. Incarceration Or Education?

Wild animals in zoos are sad. They have been taken from their natural environment and locked up in cages that are just no fun. They need YOU to speak up for them.

A Tangled Web

Author: Asym Bal

Our kite-flying evenings began with a bird call from two houses away. My brother and I would quickly close our schoolbooks, rush to the garden and respond with a chorus of urgent coo-ee’s. Hands cupped together, high-pitched, mimicking some English bird, we didn’t know which; just imitating what they did in the Robin Hood films we had seen.

Ban The Export Of Shark Fins From India

SUCCESS! On 6 February, 2015, India's Ministry of Commerce and Industry issued a notification prohibiting the export of shark fins of all species of sharks!

Singbhum Elephant Reserve Threatened By Mines

The Steel Authority of India Limited and Arcelor Mittal could be responsible for harming wild elephants in the very core of the Singbhum Elephant Reserve in Jharkhand. This is a pristine elephant habitat and future generations will wonder at our foolhardiness in allowing such devastation. YOU can help staunch the damage. You MUST help stop this national folly.

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