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Road Through The Neora Valley National Park

April 2011: The Neora Valley National Park is one of the last remaining hill forests of the Eastern Himalaya. However, as in many other parts of the country, a proposed road through the park could soon result in its tranquility being lost forever.

Dachigam – A Litany Of Betrayals

April 2011: The Dachigam National Park is undeniably one of the most beautiful spots on Earth. The Dagwan river that runs through it, a valley of flowers up in the hills at Sangargulu that rivals the better known Valley of Flowers National Park and the Marsar lake that nestles between tall ridges that rise up to more than 4,000 m. – all add to the stunning and tranquil vistas of this…

Kol Dam Threatens The Cheer Pheasant

February 2011: In October 2010, the 800 MW Kol Dam project in Himachal Pradesh was turned down by the Standing Committee of the National Board of Wildlife (NBWL). This project could drown 124.054 ha. of forest land within the Majanthal Wildlife Sanctuary which is one of best refuges and  prime habitat of the Cheer Pheasant, a Schedule I species under the Wildlife Protection Act

Sand Dredging Threatens Olive Ridleys

December 2010: The Dhamra Port project already poses a huge threat to the olive Ridleys in the Gahirmatha Marine Sanctuary in Orissa thanks to the port that has been constructed by Tata Steel. Now we hear allegations of large scale, illegal, sand dredging by yet another steel company, Essar Steel Orissa Ltd. (ESOL) at the mouth of the Mahanadi river.

The Mukurthy-Mudumalai Large Mammal Corridor

October 2010: Corridors are a lifeline for the future of Indian wildlife. One of the most important yet unrecognised large mammal corridors in the Nilgiri landscape is the stretch between the Mukurthy National Park (NP) and the Mudumalai Wildlife Sanctuary (WLS) that includes the Naduvattam, Gudalur, Ouchterlony Valley (O'Valley) and Singara ranges.

Down With Trees. Let’s Build Roads!

October 2010: The National Highway Authority (NHAI) of India is on a rampage across the country. Bulu Imam, Regional Convener, INTACH, who lives in Jharkhand and has been protecting nature for decades wrote to Sanctuary asking us to help unite the nation to resist the felling of lakhs of trees to make way for roads. A very quick scan of pending projects threw up some really scary facts.

Appeal From Bulu Imam On Unchecked Tree Felling

September 23, 2010: Dear Friends, 

Blood-stained Wetlands

August 2010: Four people lost their lives defending Andhra Pradesh’s wetlands when police opened fire on a group of locals protesting the construction of a coal based thermal power plant in the fragile Sompeta swamp in the Srikakulam district by the Nagarjuna Constuction Company.

Burst Volkswagen’s Bubble

August 2010: While the rest of the world is concerned with protecting the environment and there is greater awareness about corporate social responsibility, Volkswagen and DDB Mudra advertising, an agency that has in the past come up with good, creative and socially relevant campaigns, have inexplicably showcased an extremely callous and socially irresponsible ad campaign.

‘No Port Zones’ Near Eco-Critical Areas

June 2010:  The Ministry of Environment and Forests has proposed amendments to the Coastal Regulation Zone (CRZ) Notification, 1991, to speed up development of ports and harbours. While the draft policy emphasised that any expansion plans of existing ports, harbours and jetties can be undertaken only if studies indicated that there is no significant impact on the shoreline…

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