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Mining In Tigerland

December 2008: In the last decade, the Tadoba-Andhari Tiger Reserve(TATR) in Maharashtra has slowly but surely established itself as a stronghold of the tiger in Central India. However, its location in the mining district of Chandrapur that also has some of the highest incidences of human-wildlife conflict typifies the tough battles that must be won to secure this fragile wilderness. Now…

End Of The Road For The Grizzled Squirrel?

October 2008: Most of India’s wildlife sanctuaries and national parks, large and small, are dismembered by roads and rail lines.  These pose a serious threat to wildlife, fragmenting the habitat and resulting in road kills. Conservationists are, therefore, horrified to learn that a new 8.66 km. road has been proposed in the Srivilliputtur Grizzled Squirrel Sanctuary in T.N.,…

World Bank Vs. Sea Turtles – Trauma In Tamil Nadu

April 2008: The proposed port in Dhamra, the Sethu-Samudram Ship Canal Project in the Gulf of Mannar, unsustainable fishing practices and ocean pollution – the cup of woes for endangered olive ridley sea turtles has already been overflowing. Now adding to their troubles is the large-scale planting of Casuarinas along prime nesting beaches on the Tamil Nadu coast.

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