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The Return Of The Ganga

The Return Of The Ganga

Expected to be a tenacious, action-provoking film – the stuff that conservation ideals are made of – the film ‘Return of the Ganga’ is out to convert the one-billion-strong population of India into activists fighting to save the country’s most vital lifeline, the Ganga. The team responsible for this massive undertaking is in need of funding and is running a campaign for the same.

About the Campaign:

Featured in the film are those people along the banks who are madly in love with the river for what she is and not for what she gives. Directing, producing and brainstorming for the film are die-hard activists, environmentalists, wildlife filmmakers and river explorers, who have spent their entire lives fighting this grueling battle for the Ganga’s waters.

The team promoting the film asserts that it will not simply aim to spread awareness about the 600 dams, three billion litres/day of toxic effluents and billions of praying devotees and tourists, which are responsible for the beleaguered state in which the river finds itself today. Instead, it will be action-oriented, providing avenues for viewers to support the cause of rejuvenating the Ganga in every way imaginable, starting with the call for funds from the public to take this project forward.

Originating from the Gangotri glacier, the Bhagirathi River meets the Alaknanda at the holy confluence of Devprayag at Rishikesh. Melting glaciers and large impoundments, coupled with deforestation threaten the Ganges.

Photograph by Anish Andheria.

‘The Return of the Ganga’ will raise some very uncomfortable questions. It will educate, admonish and provoke a population out of stupor. Above all it will turn people into a collective force that demands answers, changes in legislation, look for renewable energy options and help restore the Ganga. No matter how one looks at her – a divine mother, or simply a shared natural resource - it must become everyone's business to save, protect and cherish the River Ganga.

As Bittu Sahgal, Editor, Sanctuary Asia says, "If India cannot find within it the strength to save the Ganga, then we will probably lose every last river in India, from Brahmaputra to the Kaveri and all the great and small rivers in between. It is not just the river we stand to lose, it is the very idea of India!" We urge readers to help this film see the light of day by contributing to the following:

The team’s budget has been estimated at roughly $45,000 (roughly Rs.22 lakhs). This is around 60% of the total cost of production. The money will go towards -

1. Travel and stay of the crew over a period of 45 days.

2. Better technical expertise during production and post. For example: dedicated audio engineer to handle recordings (This is very important. Handling audio in places like Kumbh is going to be nerve-wracking, with totally unguaranteed results without professional help).

3. Hiring more equipment suited to the purpose.

4. Purchase rights to music from the greats of Hindustani Classical.

5. Superior special effects in post.

6. Translations in other Indian languages.

7. And all other ingredients necessary to help this film reach its greatest potential.

The team is ready to move forward with the film, even if their estimated budget cannot be reached, and though they are prepared for the worst, they hope for the best. Without the necessary funds, the scope of the film will definitely diminish.

More information about the film, the cause it promotes, and the team behind this daring mission is available at http://www.indiegogo.com/ReturnOfTheGanga


Pick a gift package and pledge your fund at: www.indiegogo.com/ReturnOfTheGanga

Visit and Like the Return of the Ganga Facebook page at: https://www.facebook.com/ReturnOfTheGanga?fref=ts

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