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Lessons From A Jungle Classroom

Pranav Capila spent time in Nagarahole and Bandipur where he was privy to a compelling Wildlife Crime Prevention Training programme.

Bhoramdeo – The Forgotten Wilderness

Out searching for tigers and their co-inhabitants, Sprih Harsh, Senior Project Offi cer, WWF-India, shares her quiet, unhurried thoughts about a wilderness most people have never heard of, let alone visited.

A Pit Full Of Vipers

National Geographic Young Explorer Munib Khanyari writes about a moon-lit tryst with the slithering beauties of the Emerald Isles.

Reclaiming Mumbai’s Mangroves

Monica Szczupider examines Mumbai’s gross disregard of its mangrove eco-system, and explores the work of a small group of people trying to reclaim and regrow this most vital city organ.

A Pinch Of Salt

As a child, the greyish-pink dolphins that visited the Kochi estuary fascinated Divya Panicker. As an adult she now studies them, and decodes some of their mysteries for Sanctuary Asia readers.

Ocean Wanderers – Pelagic Birds Of The Open Ocean

A flock of birders take to the open sea for 24 hours. Seshadri K.S. recounts the highlights of the expedition.

Charotar’s Crocodiles

In a part of Gujarat, a community lives in extraordinary harmony with resident crocodiles, writes Anirudh Vasava.

KMTR’s ‘One-Mile’ Corridor

Pankaj Sekhsaria follows the work of two American primatologists to trace the history of a small evergreen patch of forest within Tamil Nadu’s Kalakad-Mundanthurai Tiger Reserve. Now the scene of path-breaking ecological studies, he writes about the ecological worth of a narrow forested lifeline that lives on tenuously in an area under assault by commercial plantations.

Island Odyssey – Lizards Of The Andaman Archipelago

While conducting research in the Andaman Islands, Nitya Prakash Mohanty found himself unpredictably enamoured by the islands’ endemic lizards and their countless quirks.

Tigers Of The Undergrowth

The role of tiny arch-predators, such as spiders, in the ecological cycle is similar to that of the tiger, suggests Aniruddha Dhamorikar, who studied spider diversity and density in the Kanha Tiger Reserve.

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