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Five Rare Caracals Seized From Wildlife Traders In Uttar Pradesh

The Mirzapur Forest Department apprehended three wildlife traders, who were caught with six wild cats in their possession. From the six animals rescued, one remains unidentified, while the other five belong to an elusive species of wild cat called the caracal.

Pregnant Elephant Electrocuted In Chhattisgarh

Two elephants were electrocuted when they came in contact with electric wires enclosing a sugarcane field in the district of Surajpur, Chhattisgarh.

11 Poachers Arrested In Bhadra Tiger Reserve, Karnataka

The Karnataka Forest Department arrested a 12 member group for poaching two sambar deers in the Bhadra Tiger Reserve.

China To Phase Out Its Domestic Ivory Trade By The End Of 2017

China, known for its tiger farms and its flourishing, illegal trade markets dealing in wild species products, takes a huge step forward in fighting elephant poaching by announcing a ban on ivory trade in the country.

Red-breasted Merganser Sighted For The First Time In India

A first ever officially documented sighting of the Red-breasted Merganser in India by birding enthusiasts Dr. Rajneesh Ghadi and Dr. Mangesh Prabhulkar has the birding world in a state of excitement.

Soe Moe Tun – Another Victim Of Illegal Logging And Forest Crime?

Myanmar journalist Soe Moe Tun is believed to have been a victim of murder while investigating illegal logging in the country’s Sagaing region.

Vietnam Destroys More Than Two Tons Of Ivory And Rhino Horns

With elephants and rhinoceroses facing an increasing poaching crisis, Vietnam today destroyed 2,177.5 kg of elephant ivory, 70.1 kg of rhinoceros horns, together with a number of specimens from wild tiger and bear, that were confiscated from the illegal trade. The destroyed ivory and horn – estimated to be worth more than USD 7 million.

WCS Campaigns Against Nigeria’s Superhighway

The Wildlife Conservation Society has launched an international campaign to urge the Nigerian government into rethinking its plans of constructing a ‘superhighway’ that threatens to displace local communities, and fragment gorilla and elephant habitat.

WWF Living Planet Report: Wildlife Numbers Have Plummeted

World Wide Fund for Nature’s (WWF) Living Planet Report 2016 reveals the challenges humanity is bound to face unless urgent, collective action is taken.

IWC Calls For Urgent Action To Save The Critically Endangered Vaquita

The International Whaling Commission (IWC) has adopted a resolution to save the critically endangered vaquita, only 60 of which still survive, from extinction. Proposed by the USA and European Union, the proposal was adopted at IWC’s 66th meeting in Slovenia.