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Nepal Burns Stockpile Of 4,000 Wildlife Parts

For the first time in 20 years, Nepal burnt its stockpile of wildlife parts demonstrating the nation’s commitment towards zero tolerance of wildlife crime.

Environment Minister Passes Away At 60

Union Environment Minister, Anil Madhav Dave, passed away on the morning of 18 May, 2017, following a cardiac arrest. Though he was rushed to All India Institute for Medical Sciences (AIIMS), the cardiologists were unable to revive him.

India’s First Dichromatic Snake Species Discovered

In what is being considered as a groundbreaking answer to an age-old confusion, biologists have discovered a new species of snake, which is sexually dichromatic in nature.

Do You Know Your Fish?

For many marine enthusiasts, their love for the ocean comes coupled with a love for seafood, served with a hot dollop of guilt. Addressing this issue that weighs heavy on morality, the Know Your Fish initiative encourages consumers to make informed choices when it comes to eating fish.

Nine Royal Turtle Hatchlings Taken To Conservation Center In Koh Kong

After being protected for three months, nine new Cambodian royal turtles have successfully hatched and were taken to Koh Kong Reptile Conservation Centre, Koh Kong Province for feeding, raising, and possibly breeding in the future.

Vietnam’s Persistent Trade In Illegal Timber

Corrupt Government officials and military personnel in Vietnam are complicit in smuggling huge quantities of illegal timber from Cambodia, a new report reveals.

Dogs Are A Threat To Threatened Species World-wide

A recent study by a team of leading international researchers, including Dr. Abi Vanak from the Ashoka Trust for Research in Ecology and the Environment (ATREE), Bangalore reveals that dogs have contributed to 11 vertebrate extinctions.

Activists Protest Against Ken-Betwa River Link Project

A coalition of experts and organisations in the field of environment protection, has issued  a collective note of protest to Anil Madhav Dave, the Union Minister of Environment , Forest and Climate Change, against the proposed Ken-Betwa River Link Project.

Common Chiffchaff Spotted In Arunachal Pradesh


On 15 March 2017,  photographer Swarnendu Biswas captured an image of a Common Chiffchaff (Phylloscopus Collybita) from Hunli, a district in the Lower Dibang Valley of Arunachal Pradesh.

Activists Condemn Home Ministry's Statement On Dongria Kondh Community

A wide range of peoples movements, social and environmental justice groups and individuals have endorsed a letter addressed to the President of India, requesting his excellency to direct the Ministry of Home Affairs to retract the statements made about Niyamgiri Suraksha Samiti (NSS)  allowing them to live a dignified life of self-determination for their present and future.