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Sanctuary Celebrates Playback Free Week

Come join us as we celebrate ''Playback Free Week' starting August 13, 2018.  Say no to playback and yes to responsible birding! 

Journalists Exonerated of Defamation Charges Filed by United Phosphorus Ltd. After 22 Years

On Saturday, August 4, 2018, the Mumbai Chief Metropolitan Magistrate's Court acquitted, Mr. Ramoji Rao, Editor and media entrepreneur, Mr. Shailendra Yashwant, Independent photo-journalist and Mr. Bittu Sahgal, Editor, Sanctuary Asia/Sanctuary Features (then Divisions of Advertising Concessionaires Pvt. Ltd.) of all charges in a defamation suit filed against them in May 1996 by United Phosphorous Ltd. (UPL)…

Four Poachers Arrested In Assam

Four poachers were arrested on account of alleged involvement in rhino shootings in Assam.

Pangolin Survival Imperiled: China Pushes Exports On Traditional Medicines

Pangolins, critically endangered and the world’s most trafficked animals, face risk of extinction as China plans to expand its exports in traditional medicine.

Tiger Trade Exposed In Prague

Three men allegedly involved in the sale of illegal tiger parts were arrested in a raid dubbed ‘operation trophy’ on July 16, 2018, in Prague.

Endangered Medicinal Herb Exploited In Arunachal's Protected Areas

Sanctuary’s Mud On Boots Project Leader Anoko Mega, reports illegal extraction and trading of a medicinal herb from protected areas in Arunachal Pradesh.

Project Leaders To Tackle Human-Wildlife Conflict In Karnataka

Two young women from a village in Karnataka’s Hunsur taluk have been selected as Project Leaders under the Sanctuary Nature Foundation’s flagship Mud on Boots Project. Sandhya Rani and Marina Juliet are the first women leaders under this programme that has been designed to empower grassroots conservationists in India.

Lalgarh Tiger Death Points To Shortcomings In Wildlife Rescue

A tiger that had been roaming a 30 sq. km. swathe of forests stretching across Jhargram, West Midnapore and Bankura districts since March 2, 2018 in Bengal, was killed by local hunters on April 13, 2018 in the forests of Lalgarh, South Bengal.

New Frog Species Discovered From Goa

A new frog species, Fejervarya goemchi, has been discovered from and named after the state of Goa.

Mud On Boots Project Leader Rescues Brown Fish Owl In Assam

In another successful rescue, Manoj Gogoi, Sanctuary’s Mud On Boots Project Leader from Assam, comes to the aid of a young abandoned owlet and helps it reach full recovery.

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