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Ireland Divests From Fossil Fuels

Ireland Divests From Fossil Fuels

In a unanimous vote, Ireland has passed a bill to freeze public funding of all coal, oil and gas companies.

The Fossil Fuel divestment bill, introduced by Deputy Thomas Pringle won 90 votes in the Irish Parliament.

This momentous legislation observed extensive support from nearly all of Ireland’s major political parties.

Once the bill is approved by the financial committee it will be legitimized into law, making Ireland the first country in history to completely divest from fossil fuels. Ireland’s National Strategic Investment fund will have to sell all of its existing investments in fossil fuel industries by 2023.

Deputy Thomas Pringle reiterated the importance of the bill asserting that continual manipulation of the climate and the environment by global corporations must no longer be tolerated, specially considering that underdeveloped nations are the ones that have to bear the full brunt of their actions.



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