Eco Celebrations In Lower Dibang Valley

The Reh Festival Committee of  Roing marked its Golden Jubilee, choosing the path of eco-spirituality by organising a 26 km marathon on the last day of the National Wildlife Week.

Photo: Anoko Mega,

In the picturesque valleys of Arunachal Pradesh, the goddess Nanyi Inyitaya brings together the people of the Idu Mishmi tribe in dance and merriment. The Reh festival is celebrated to honour the goddess who is believed to be the creator of the universe. It combines rituals, aromatic delicacies and traditional dances; all done to please their divine mother.

This year, the Reh Festival Committee decided to celebrate its Golden Jubilee in a unique way. They chose to tread the path of eco-spirituality on the last day of the National Wildlife Week. In the district of Lower Dibang, a 26 km. marathon was organised to spread the admirable message of “People Connecting to Nature”.

More than 500 people gathered in Roing, to pay respect to their goddess in every way possible. Men, women, students, seniors citizens, all pledged to say No-to-Drugs, to promote cleanliness and healthy living, and to conserve nature and culture. This event was organised with the support of the Wildlife Department, and in attendance were dignitaries like Deputy Commissioner IAS Deepak Shinde.

Sanctuary’s Mud on Boots Project Leader Anoko Mega was an enthusiastic participant in this event. His aim was to generate awareness about wildlife conservation through his banners and his slogan - "wildlife is Mother Nature's greatest treasure, and to protect it we must take every measure”.

Author: Siddharth Jalan