‘Leave Me Alone’: Katie Bagli Discusses Tigers And Explores Nature With Mumbai Families

As part of the ongoing Sanctuary and Save the Tiger ‘Leave Me Alone’ campaign, author Katie Bagli held an event at MCubed Library for over 20 children and their parents on July 21, 2013.

Katie Bagli speaks to families about saving the tiger.

The event began with a discussion between Katie Bagli and the audience on the fate of India’s vanishing wild tigers. Problems and solutions were discussed. The children were encouraged to spread the word among their teachers and friends, and to write letters to the Ministry of Forests in support of the tiger and its home.

Ms. Bagli then read an excerpt from her book ‘Mammals Mighty and Meek’, about a photographer who finds himself face to face with a tigress in a forest. The children reacted with awe and enthusiasm to Ms. Bagli’s tale.

To end her event, Ms. Bagli took the group on a nature walk in the surrounding park, where she intrigued children and parents alike with information about the earthworms, frogs, snails, millipedes, slugs, and ferns that spring up in Mumbai during the monsoons.

Source: Sanctuary Asia.