‘Leave Me Alone’: Bhavan’s College Nature Club Meets With Tiger Watch Leader

As part of the ongoing Sanctuary and Save the Tiger ‘Leave Me Alone’ campaign, the Nature Club of Mumbai’s Bhavan’s College organized a talk by Mr. Ashutosh Mahadevia, Trustee Secretary of the Ranthambhore-based NGO Tiger Watch.

Ashutosh Mahadevia addresses the Bhavan’s College Nature Club

Students watched a film created by Tiger Watch titled “Curbing the Crisis” before hearing Mr. Mahadevia’s address. He discussed the creation of Tiger Watch, past and present projects of the NGO, the rehabilitation of Moghiya poachers and their families living near Ranthambhore National Park, and the essential work and legacy of Fateh Singh Rathore and other leaders of Tiger Watch.

Students and staff of the Bhavan’s College Nature Club endorse the Leave Me Alone campaign.

Students and staff of the Nature Club also watched the Shekar Dattatri film, “The Truth About the Tigers,” and discussed it with Sanctuary Asia naturalist and Bhavan’s College Associate Professor of Zoology Dr. Parvish Pandya. Dr. Pandya led a discussion of the “Leave Me Alone” campaign, emphasizing the importance of calling for adequate space and protection for India’s tigers. Dr. Pandya underlined the role that tigers play as “guardians” of forests that protect safe drinking water and mitigate climate change.

Source: Sanctuary Asia.