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Darwin’s Ghosts

Purva Variyar reviews Darwin’s Ghosts: In Search of the First Evolutionists authored by Rebecca Stott.

Mammals Of South Asia (Vol. I and II)

Gaurav Shirodkar reviews Mammals of South Asia (Vol. I and II) edited by Dr. A.J.T. Johnsingh and Dr. Nima Manjrekar.

Reflections On Managing Water – Earth’s Greatest Natural Resource

Purva Variyar reviews Reflections on Managing Water – Earth’s Greatest Natural Resource by Indira Khurana, Romit Sen and Shilpi Jain.

Giant Hearts: Travels In The World Of Elephants

Anirudh Nair reviews Giant Hearts: Travels in the World of Elephants edited by Jean-Phillipe Puyravud and Priya Davidar.

Our Tigers Return

Writer-conservationist Prerna Singh Bindra reviews a delightful new children’s book that details the return of Panna’s tigers.

The Sixth Extinction – An Unnatural History

Purva Variyar reviews Elizabeth Kolbert’s Pulitzer Prize-winning book The Sixth Extinction.

Amader Pakhi

Gopalan Balagopal reviews a striking new Bengali book on the birds of West Bengal.

Shifting Ground

Assistant Editor Cara Tejpal reviews Shifting Ground, edited by Mahesh Rangarajan and K. Sivaramakrishnan.

Green Signals : Ecology, Growth And Democracy In India

Lakshmy Raman reviews Green Signals: Ecology, Growth and Democracy in India by Jairam Ramesh

Dreaming In Calcutta And Channel Islands

Purva Variyar reviews Shubhobroto Ghosh’s Dreaming In Calcutta and Channel Islands.

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