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Handbook on Indian Wetlands and Their Conservation

The biodiversity and the ecological functions of wetlands are unfortunately not widely recognised, especially in India. Wetlands are often regarded as mere "waste lands" and they are particularly vulnerable to destruction through overuse, abuse or draining for agriculture.

Gir Forest and the Saga of the Asiatic Lion

Freely-roaming lions instantly remind one of Hemingway's Old Man, who in his dreams frequents the lion-infested shores of Africa; akin to Gujarat's Porbandar…

A photographic guide to the Birds of India

Though many books have been published on the birds of India, this one is remarkable for its splendid photographs in various moods and actions.

India Through Its Birds

Anyone with even a casual interest in birds will be delighted with this new offering that pulls together the experiences of a range of naturalists and writers to present us with a compilation…

The Creation: An Appeal to Save Life on Earth

What a gem of a book. Edward O. Wilson, Harvard University entomologist, writer, and philosopher of nature in the tradition of Henry David Thoreau, delivers an impassioned plea for life on earth, this…

Golden Trees – Greenspaces and Urban Forestry

Urban India is being stripped of its green cover as real estate developers seek to turn every last square metre into cash.

State of the Wild 2006: A Global Portrait of Wildlife, wildlands and oceans

With the publication of this book, the New York-based Wildlife Conservation Society has launched a new series – State of the Wild.

Trees of Mumbai

This useful book will be welcomed by the citizens of Mumbai, whose tree cover is fast vanishing.

Tigers In Red Weather – A Quest For The Last Wild Tigers

On the dust jacket of my copy of Tigers in Red Weather is this tribute to the book: “Tigers in Red Weather is the most entrancing book on tigers that I have read – vibrant, lyrical, and sad,…

Strangely Like War – The Global Assault on Forests

Soldiers aren’t brandishing swords, or pulling pistols out of their sleeves, there are no warheads aimed at enemy states. Yet, we are at war. And the assault is global. And each one of us is right…

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