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Walk the Wild Path

Walking the Wild Path is about some exceptional people who have dedicated their lives to wildlife conservation, each a legend in his or her own right. The stories are simple and inspiring. In the Editors’ words the book attempts to put together, "a list of heroes and heroines."


The conservation and management of our natural resources are no longer looked at in isolation. In recent years, authorities have realised that an area-based approach that involves participation by local communities, non-governmental organisations and policy-makers will alone work in the long run.

Oxford Anthology of Indian Wildlife

In today's scenario, shikar has no relevance as a modern sport but it remains an important part of Indian culture and history. This anthology, first of a two-volume set, brings together wildlife writings from the days of the Raj spanning 150 years.

The Food Revolution

Heart disease, osteoporosis, genetically modified food, mad cow disease... John Robbins writes about how what we eat influences our health in The Food Revolution.

The Tiger in India

J.C. Daniel's book, The Tiger in India - A Natural History draws on archival records to produce a comprehensive natural history volume on the striped predator.

For the Forests

In her forward, palaeobotanist, Mary E. White writes, "Tasmania has the tallest forests in the southern hemisphere, some of the greatest areas of pristine temperate Gondwanan rainforest found anywhere…

Ideas for Outdoor Plants

Ideas for Outdoor Plants is an interesting booklet primarily aimed at teachers and students to inspire and foster a positive attitude towards the environment.

A Birdwatcher's Guide to India

Want to sight an Ibisbill in India? Look up the new Indian edition of the A Birdwatcher's Guide to India and read about the best birdwatching havens in the country.

Butterflies of Peninsular India

"There is no better instrument to broaden interest in the living environment on the part of the public at large than inexpensive, user-friendly field guides.

Wolf Trails

Join the handsome Copperleaf wolf pack in their fascinating journey to freedom. The book opens in a fenced yard where wolves are imprisoned and kept in an animal experimentation laboratory by an unfeeling…

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