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Biodiversity Conservation Priorities, Vol. I and II

These two volumes present a summary of the findings and conclusions of the Biodiversity Conservation Prioritisation Project (BCPP), a comprehensive exercise to prioritise sites, species and strategies for biodiversity conservation.

Over a period of two years, the project was executed covering the whole country. The project prioritised deserts, rangelands, wetlands, coasts, oceans, forests, islands, mountains, biosphere reserves, sacred groves, national parks and sanctuaries and species such as medicinal plants, animals, wild relatives of cultivated plants and domesticated animals.

It also aimed to prioritise strategies at the macro level focussing on economic incentives, education and awareness, gender biases, laws and policies and at the micro level on village communities and local NGOs working in seven states and one union territory. The published reports give the status of biodiversity conservation in the form of summaries that encapsulate the gist of more detailed findings.

Volume I outlines the aim of the project and describes the methodology used in the BCPP process and also has part of the project report. Volume II is a compilation of all the papers that were commissioned. These reports can be useful not just for the vast, valuable data collected but also for the creation of a methodology that can be useful as a starting point in similar data-deficient exercises elsewhere. It provides an opportunity to review biodiversity priorities and conservation strategies.
Published by: WWF India, Paperback

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