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Trees of India

A variety of flowering and non-flowering trees are found in the Indian subcontinent and Trees of India captures this rich botanical heritage within its pages.

The book has some amazing high-quality photographs of the trees of the Indian subcontinent. Photographed by Pallava Bagla, a still photographer and botanist by training, the 263 stunning pictures used in the book have been collected over five years.

The text by Dr. Subhadra Menon, a doctorate in tree ecology and published writer makes tree-identification easy. The introduction highlights the importance of trees in our lives and takes us through some mythological and religious beliefs associated with trees from the mythical kalpavriksha (a wish-fulfilling tree) to influences of the Mughal period and present- day beliefs and representation of trees in art. The book covers 60 beautiful and some of the most popular and useful trees in India, providing both the common Hindi and English names along with the botanical family and their scientific Latin names.

Easy to identify information about each plant is also given. While flowering plants or angiosperms form the bulk of the 60 trees covered in this book, small sections covering non-flowering plants, palms, fruits and bamboos are also featured at the end. Trees of India is a celebration of our rich floral heritage but it also cautions that this immense heritage could be lost forever and that "conscious human action and intervention" will be required to protect our priceless biodiversity.

Text by Dr. Subhadra Menon, Photographs by Pallava Bagla, Published by: Timeless Books, Hardcover; Price: Rs. 2,000/-

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