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The Ultimate Ranthambhore Guide

"Until the British arrived, the people of the area lived freely and easily in the forests. They revered the sun, the moon and Vaghdeo, the tiger god they worshipped as the lord of the forest." 

Dedicated to "Fateh Singh Rathore, who has spent nearly 40 years serving Ranthambhore and is directly responsible for putting this destination on the wildlife map of the world", this is a fairly comprehensive guide to Ranthambhore.

It is brilliantly designed and produced and something similar should ideally be available to visitors to each one of our sanctuaries and national parks. The authors are clearly sensitive to both the needs of visitors and the park alike. Embellished with scores of tiny facts, history and even advice as to how a visitor can save the tiger, this reasonably priced booklet is sure to enhance the image of the park, even as it orients people to look beyond the tiger at the other little-known wildlife of a magical dry, deciduous forest.

Conceived and compiled by Sheena Sippy and Sanjna Kapoor, Published by: Sanjna Kapoor, Paperback; Price: Rs. 175/-

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