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Troubled Waters

...narrates the tale of this picturesque archipelago of the Lakshadweep islands off the mainaland of India, located 400 kms off the western coast of Kerela. The film throws light on the formation of these beautiful and fragile coral islands and traces the growth and diversity of the reef and the factors that contribute to its health and well being.

In 1998, the El Nino effect completely devastated and razed the region, destroying the system already under pressure by human activities. Troubled Waters delves into the reasons for this mass scale devastation and how it is slowly but surely recovering. Through the film, the significance of an inter-connected ecosystem such as this one, intricately woven by nature and the paramount need to protect it have been emphasised. The film enjoins all people to live in a manner that will help to conserve and safeguard the world’s natural resources for the future of mankind.

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