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Araneus himalayensis, a rare spider reported only in the Himalayas has been collected from Mannavan Shola near Marayur, Kerala by the Division of Arachnology, Department of Zoology of Sacred Heart College, Kerala.

Probably the only research centre in South India engaged in arachnology research, they have been doing valuable work on the diversity of spider fauna in Kerala, the importance of spiders as biocontrol agents, the effect of insecticides on spiders, behavioural studies of various spider species and also detailed studies on Indian tarantulas. The centre has been conducting faunal explorations in various parts of Kerala and have already identified more than 300 species including 40 new species and 30 first reports in Kerala. Their fabulous website covers common spider families and also specific details of south Indian spiders. There is also a Frequently Asked Questions and spider terms section and interesting links to a number of arachnid-related websites.

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