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“Tropical rainforests support the greatest diversity of living organisms on Earth. Although they cover less than two per cent of Earth’s surface, they house 50 percent of all life on the planet.” Mongabay.com is the effort of Rhett A. Butler, the author of ‘A Place Out of Time:

Tropical Rainforests – their wonders and the perils they face’. This website is a good place for information on tropical rainforests. The site has details on forests around the globe, the structure and character of rainforests, the species richness, the canopy, understory, rivers and indigenous rainforest residents. Find out why rainforests are being destroyed and why they are so important. A complex subject matter has been simplified and the material provides insight into the current economic, political and social climate for tropical rainforests. The site also has information on tropical freshwater fish and beautiful pictures of wildlife and landscapes from around the world. It also provides links to rainforest and environmental resources.

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