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Water in the desert! This is a reality today in some parts of arid Rajasthan and even in other parts of the country where the techniques of rainwater harvesting have benefited thousands. Rainwater harvesting means capturing rain or its run-off in your own village or town and taking measures to keep the water clean by preventing pollution in the catchment.

This website created by the Centre for Science and Environment talks about traditional and indigenous water harvesting techniques and also more contemporary adaptations. Meet people who are carrying the message of harvesting rainwater around the country. This site has articles from Down to Earth magazine, news clippings, links to people and organisations working on water issues and also gives you statistical details relating to water in India. Find out about the National Water Harvesters' Network that addresses water issues and is working to further the cause of community-based water management. Also read the latest edition of Catchwater, CSE's newsletter. A comprehensive bibliography is also provided.

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