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Talk On Marine Mammals

World of Marine Mammals: Come and explore the underwater world of Marine Mammals. BNHS is hosting a talk by Dipani Sutaria on the science and conservation of Marine Mammals in India. This will be illustrated with interesting case studies on Irrawaddy Dolphin in Chilika lagoon in Odisha. Marine mammals are culturally and economically significant and IUCN has listed 25% as Threatened globally. 

Indian waters have at least 30 species including whales, dolphins and dugongs, many of which are listed as Data Deficient, while a few are listed as Endangered. Most of these records are from carcasses washed ashore, by‐caught animals and recent live sightings. This talk will highlight the lacunae in knowledge of marine mammals from India, the opportunities, limitations for carrying out research and some ongoing research activities. Date: 30th August 2012, Time: 6.00 pm, Venue: BNHS Hornbill House. All are invited with family friends. For queries: Call BNHS on 22871202, 22821811 or e-mail at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it


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