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Environmentalists Stifled In Jeju

September 7, 2012: On September 2, Dr. Imok Cha, a 51-year old San Francisco-based pathologist boarded a plane headed to Jeju Island, South Korea, where she was to present new findings at the World Conservation Congress of the International Union for Conservation of Nature (IUCN), the world’s oldest and largest environmental organization.

Discussing Climate Change

August 29, 2012:  “An integrated science research, adaptation and education about climatic impacts can encourage resilience strategies for sustainability,” said Dr Timothy Randhir, associate professor, University of Massachusetts.

Australia To Cut Carbon Floor Price, Link To EU Scheme

August 28, 2012: Australia will scrap its planned floor price for carbon emissions and will link directly with the European Union's emissions trading scheme by 2018, Climate Change Minister Greg Combet said on Tuesday.

Pacific Forum Tackles Climate Change, Major Powers

August 27, 2012: In the Cook Islands the annual  Pacific Islands Forum is about to get underway with climate change, trade and regional security expected to top the agenda as major powers vie for influence over a range of issues.

Kenyan University Offers Degree Programs On Climate Change

August 27, 2012: Changing climate conditions are making it harder for people in East Africa, most of whom grow food or raise livestock, to survive.

GOP Draft Platform Attacks Obama Admin For Saying Climate Change Is A ‘Severe’ National Security Threat

August 27, 2012: With the start of the Republican National Convention this week in Tampa, FL, the GOP draft platform has been getting a lot of attention, particularly for its extreme anti-abortion language and opposition to gay rights. But the Republican platform also attacks President Obama’s National Security Strategy for including “climate change” as a “severe” national…

For Climate Change, A Possible Trial Could Echo The Scopes Monkey Case

August 27, 2012: Eighty-seven years ago, people and organizations who believed in freedom of scientific inquiry arranged for a test case of Tennessee’s law against teaching the theory of evolution. The result was theater so cogent that it was later distilled as the play “Inherit the Wind.”

American Meteorological Society Adopts Stronger Statement On Climate Change

August 27, 2012: Saying that the warming climate is a direct result of human activity, the American Meteorological Society released a revised statement on climate change today. The new statement, adopted by the organization without a vote by its members, puts the organization at odds with much of its membership.

As Arctic Ice Reaches Record Low, Meteorologists Name Humans 'Dominant' Cause Of Climate Change

August 27, 2012: Today, the National Snow and Ice Data Center, in conjunction with NASA, announced today that Arctic sea ice has reached a record low since the previous record-breaking low in 2007. The extent of Arctic sea ice extent fell to 4.10 million square kilometers on August 26, 2012. That’s particularly disturbing because Arcitc sea ice minima usually happen in late September,…

India Signals It May Be Willing To Consider Emissions Target At UN Climate Talks

August 21, 2012: The Indian Government could be on the brink of a major shift in its climate change policy, according to reports in India. The influential Planning Commission is currently working on its 12th five-year plan, which includes agreeing to a global emissions cap prior to developed countries making binding pledges to cut emissions.

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