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  • Sanctuary Asia - Latest Issue In The Eye of a Storm

    Vol XXXVII No. 8, August 2017

    On the Cover

    A sting operation led by leading conservation organisations in India recently uncovered a bizarre online trade in monitor lizard genitalia. Possession and trade of the four species of monitor lizards found in India, including this Bengal monitor photographed in Maharashtra’s Tipeshwar Wildlife Sanctuary, is prohibited under the Wildlife (Protection) Act, 1972. The Wildlife Crime Control Bureau of India has begun a full-scale investigation into the trade, which is believed to be the cause of mortality of thousands of monitor lizards, and there are signs that the clampdown is helping tackle the trade.


    Saee Bhurke

Cover Story

Of Folded Hands And Forked Penises

In June this year, a joint undercover operation conducted by the Wildlife Crime Control Bureau (WCCB), Wildlife Trust of India (WTI), and International Fund for Animal Welfare (IFAW) blew the lid off the illegal trade in hatha jodi, a ‘sacred plant root’ that is, well, something else entirely. Jose Louies and Prerna Panwar, members of the investigative team, present this cocktail of superstition, cruelty and barefaced fakery, served with a side order of just deserts.


DNA For Conservation

Conservation is an unbelievably vast and a rather deep science. How deep? All the way to the molecular level! And to understand the implications of studying the fundamental molecular unit of all life – the DNA, on conservation of the dwindling wildlife, fourteen participants from all over India gathered for the Conservation Genetics workshop at the prestigious Sálim Ali Centre for Ornithology and Natural History (SACON) in Coimbatore, Tamil Nadu.


The Battle For Tost’s Snow Leopards

Bayarjargal Agvaantseren narrates how the only Protected Area in the world dedicated exclusively to snow leopards was created against all odds.


War Of The Worlds

The handsome bezoar ibex Capra aegagrus aegagrus is the wild ancestor of the domestic goat that has helped sustain pastoral communities across the globe for millennia.

Scaly Tales

Giri’s Bronzeback Tree Snake

Rahul Alvares describes the Giri’s bronzeback snake and explains why it has been classified as a separate species.

Talkin' Tigers

In The Garden

Jennifer Scarlott on all of the ways that the beauty of the world we live in makes itself seen and heard, touched and smelled, in the smallest, most ordinary and often fleeting moments.

Did You Know?

Elephant Beetles

Elephant beetles are one of the largest-known group of beetles on Earth!