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    Volume 39 | Issue 3 | March 2019

    On the Cover

    The cover photo, shot by Nilanjan Chatterjee, depicts the Royal Bengal Tiger or the Panthera tigris tigris. The majestic beast is found all over India, Bangladesh, Nepal and Bhutan. The people of the Indus Valley civilization were one of the first to use tigers as a cultural symbol. The tiger’s unique striped body provide it the perfect camouflage in high grass, making it ideal to stalk its favoured prey, the sambar (the largest Indian deer).


    Nilanjan Chatterjee

Cover Story

Wildlife Photography In Transition

Kalyan VarmaInvolved in fostering a community of photographers and wildlife conservationists, Kalyan Varma is a recipient of numerous awards including the BBC Wildlife Photographer of the Year 2013 in the plants category, best in Animal Behaviour in Poral el Planeta and Sanctuary’s Wildlife Photographer of the Year 2005.

Rushikulya – Where The Olive Future Begins

An awestruck Arghya Adhikary takes us along his dramatic journey to Rushikulya, Odisha, where he witnessed one of the most amazing mysteries unfold – the mass nesting and hatching of the olive Ridley turtles.


Otters In Tiger Country

The Wildlife Conservation Trust’s discovery of Eurasian otters in central India underlines the importance of conserving large landscapes in the name of umbrella species.


Last And Final Call

First a disclosure... I adore frogs. All frogs, not just this exquisite Western Ghats Rhacophorus photographed by Sunil Sachi in a Chikmagalur coffee plantation.

Scaly Tales

Giri’s Bronzeback Tree Snake

Rahul Alvares describes the Giri’s bronzeback snake and explains why it has been classified as a separate species.

Talkin' Tigers

In The Garden

Jennifer Scarlott on all of the ways that the beauty of the world we live in makes itself seen and heard, touched and smelled, in the smallest, most ordinary and often fleeting moments.

Did You Know?

Elephant Beetles

Elephant beetles are one of the largest-known group of beetles on Earth!