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In Our Hands

The fingers clutching this tree branch in Valparai look startlingly familiar. Hold your own hand out. Now compare the shape, the nails, the joints… all fashioned by the same designer that gifted us our own grasping tools – nails and all.


None of the models that grace the catwalks of Paris, New York, or Milan come close to matching the grace of the felines that sashay elegantly through wild homes fashioned for them by nature. The catwalk you see here is a mile-long track in Uttar Pradesh’s terai, which the ancestors…

The Plain Truth

If we leave no space for elephants to live, nature will leave us no way to survive either, writes Sanctuary Asia editor Bittu Sahgal.

War Of The Worlds

The handsome bezoar ibex Capra aegagrus aegagrus is the wild ancestor of the domestic goat that has helped sustain pastoral communities across the globe for millennia.

Why Was I Given The Power To Think?

When I see a frog, beetle, or skink that has found a spot on this planet to call its own I am overcome with gratitude and gobsmacked with wonder. How can things be so utterly beautiful and so miraculously functional all at once?

What A Wonderful World!

What a complex, delightful, surprisingly magical world we are blessed to be a part of. How lucky we are to be sharing space with gazillions of flying ornaments, such as this Blue-tailed Bee-eater Merops philippinus.

Roads To Nowhere

Shivaraman SubramaniamWhat an exquisite sight. This curious snow leopard cub and its (out of frame) mother and sibling were photographed using a 24-70 mm. wide-angle lens by roving conservation photographer Shivaraman Subramaniam on January 30, 2016, while returning…

No Legs To Stand On

“What is there to life... if man cannot hear the arguments of the frogs around a pond at night?” — Chief Seattle

Black Is Black

I have never once in four decades of tramping through India’s wilds seen a black leopard. I have dreamed of seeing one, spoken to people who have seen one, gazed adoringly at images such as the one on this page… but have never, ever, been personally blessed by an actual darshan (sighting).

A Fluke Of Nature

An Irrawady dolphin vanishes into the food-rich, mud-brown waters of the Sundarbans Tiger Reserve and a whole world of opportunity, hidden from human eyes, opens up a micro-moment later. Using sophisticated sonography, the aquatic mammal sweeps its head expertly left to right to stitch together an…

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