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How extraordinarily lucky we are to be living on a subcontinent that still sustains wild elephants. Not because they are such beautiful animals… which they are. Not because our cultures and religions have been so deeply influenced by their magnificent aura… which they…

Clear As Glass

 Shubham AlaveNature designed its miraculous systems to mesh together in stunning complexity so that life, all manner of life, could emerge, stay safe and flourish.

A Leap Of Faith

Shiv KumarHow else could anyone possibly describe this death-defying river crossing?

From the austere Karakoram and Hindu Kush mountains of Pakistan, through to western Ladakh plus a swatch of high-altitude Indian wildernesses, Capra sibirica hemalayanus

On Toothlessness

Suhas HegdeSeen at full pelt, this Indian pangolin Manis crassicaudata is as toothless as they come. But it has an enormous sticky tongue, which, believe it or not, is almost as long as its body. Why? Because it makes a living poking its tongue into…

That Inner Glow

Bishan MonnappaHave you ever wondered why some things look stunningly beautiful? Why some moments will live forever in your memory? Why commonplace sights – stars in the night sky, white surf on a blue sea, a flock of birds wheeling in unison –…

Reality Check

Vishal ModiMost of us go through life without noticing the magical world that so enriches our ephemeral existences. When we drive past open spaces in cities, for instance, our disconnect from nature leads us to believe that what keeps us alive on a hostile planet is…

Swamped Reason

Girish KetkarFor all practical purposes, nature may well have created Anjarle beach in Ratnagiri, Maharashtra, ornamented here by thousands of gulls, terns, waders and shorebirds, to protect the land from the sea.

Give No Quarter

Balaji LoganathanCrows fascinate me. In fact they have fascinated humans forever. Beyond The Crow and the Pitcher tale told by that ancient Greek fabulist, Aesop, varied world mythologies speak of crows and their intelligence with an admiration…

The Disobedient Planet

Sanjeet MangatI do not wear authority well. Even as a student I would reject bland diktats, particularly if the logic of a command escaped me. Consequently, much to the exasperation of my elders, and sundry figures of authority, “But why?” became my recurrent…

On ‘Business-As-Usual’, Naturally

Akash Dharankar, Sagar Dharankar and Aditi DharankarTiger mothers can be as gentle when handling their tiny cubs, as they can be fierce in their defence. This tigress, and all other cats for that matter, evolved from…

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