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The Magic Machine

August 2005: Consider the lowly termite. Every moment of its incredible existence is spent in a grand conspiracy to propagate life on earth. For a 100 million years and more, termites have been emerging from eggs to become workers that will build and repair nests, winged reproductives to take their colonies forward, or soldiers destined to defend not just their oversized queen and her…

In God We Trust?

June 2005: I sat for two hours in the leaf litter and summer dust of Gir in the company of a lioness and her three cubs. Watching her watching us watch her cubs, I felt an overwhelming sense of peace envelope me. Interrupted by nothing but bird calls and the hum and buzz of insects, my lifelong belief that ‘there is no god’ was momentarily forgotten.

Food For Thought

April 2005:I am a dyed-in-the wool vegetarian. I do not eat animals because I do not associate them with food. Just as you would not bite into a stone, a camera or a shirt, I would never dream of putting dead animals in my mouth. But my vegetarianism has nothing to do with religion, nor do I make value judgements on those who eat meat; apart from stating with some confidence that Homo…

Blake’s World

February 2005: To see a World in a Grain of Sand,
                            And a Heaven in a Wild Flower,
                           Hold Infinity in the Palm of your Hand,
                          And Eternity in an Hour.

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