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Swamped Reason

Girish KetkarFor all practical purposes, nature may well have created Anjarle beach in Ratnagiri, Maharashtra, ornamented here by thousands of gulls, terns, waders and shorebirds, to protect the land from the sea.

Give No Quarter

Balaji LoganathanCrows fascinate me. In fact they have fascinated humans forever. Beyond The Crow and the Pitcher tale told by that ancient Greek fabulist, Aesop, varied world mythologies speak of crows and their intelligence with an admiration…

The Disobedient Planet

Sanjeet MangatI do not wear authority well. Even as a student I would reject bland diktats, particularly if the logic of a command escaped me. Consequently, much to the exasperation of my elders, and sundry figures of authority, “But why?” became my recurrent…

On ‘Business-As-Usual’, Naturally

Akash Dharankar, Sagar Dharankar and Aditi DharankarTiger mothers can be as gentle when handling their tiny cubs, as they can be fierce in their defence. This tigress, and all other cats for that matter, evolved from…

On Reliability

Nayan KhanolkarThere is something eternal and alive about beaches, where you live the heartbeat of the planet with the rise and fall of every wave. Looking outward to the sea horizon, a comforting solitude envelopes you within a system that no creature questions…

Fait Accompli!

Agniprava Nath“How on Earth do we cope with them?” That’s what the natural world seems to be pondering, as that misfit, Homo sapiens, runs amok through fragile Planet Earth. Meanwhile ‘developers’ respond as developers are wont to: “How…

Peaceable Kingdom

Harsh PiramalThree decades ago, I discovered the joys of langur watching in forests such as Ranthambhore, Kanha and Nagarahole. At first it was their antics – chasing, purposeless bounding, noisy quarrelling and arboreal acrobatics – that would hold my attention.

From Here To Eternity

Muniswararaja PalaniappanThere is poetry in this dream-like vision of birds stretching all the way to the horizon. There is poetry too in the mystery-world of algae and tiny shrimp-like creatures that blossom underfoot in the animate ooze.

The Hitchhiker

Saran Vaid “Why am I here? What’s my purpose in life? What do I mean by who I am?” Such were the mind-boggling questions asked by the sperm whale that Douglas Adams brought momentarily into existence through his ‘Infinite Improbability Drive’ in that all-time…

Turning Nature On Its Head

Amish PatelThere is exquisite beauty in function. The tooth of a tiger. Bird feathers. Amphibian skin. Leaf-littered water – all perfection personified.

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