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Mera Bharat Mahaan – (India Is Great)

“Stop cutting trees, save forests… the tiger is our national pride.”

All Flesh Is Grass

Credit:M.V. ShreeramApril 2012: When the Book of Isaiah suggested that ‘all flesh is grass’, the ancients were implying that human existence was at best ephemeral. Even taken literally, the postulation rings true. Take the three distinctly different…

Athenae’s Curse

Special Mention: Santosh Kundeshwar – 'Death in Paradise'February 2012: Nature is splendidly democratic. No creature is victimised. None favoured. The eat or be eaten rule is the universal key to the…

Alarm Call!

February 2012: Darwin taught us all about ‘adaptation’ and its connection with the survival of species. This lion-tailed macaque Macaca silenus, aggressively baring its fangs, exemplifies such lessons. A fruit and seed disperser, this omnivorous monkey descended from a wider-ranging ancestor roughly five million years ago. A survivor that managed to overcome every natural challenge…

Nature Knows Best

Credit:Baiju PatilDecember 2011: Those who are inspired by a model other than Nature, a mistress above all masters, are laboring in vain. – Leonardo Da Vinci This woodpecker is doing what woodpeckers do best. And every decision-maker in…


December 2011: This image is dramatic. That is why it won a Special Mention in the Sanctuary Wildlife Photography 2011 contest. The officials concerned are seen trying to tranquillise a reluctant cat. The image depicts valour, but underscores failure.

The Other Kashmir Problem

October 2011: When people talk of the 'Kashmir problem' the first thing that comes to mind is terrorism, bloodshed, injustice to humans. But there is another 'Kashmir problem' that has long been ignored - the slow and painful assassination of the famous Dal Lake.

United In Life... Or Divided In Death?

Indian Red Fox October 2011: This interaction between this Himalayan marmot Marmota himalayana and the red fox Vulpes vulpes took place in the natural wonderland of Ladakh's Changthang Wildlife Sanctuary in India. As always, I found myself fixated…

Living Sand

Credit:Dr. Anish AndheriaAugust 2011: They evolved from land-living creatures, but by the time the Jurassic Period dawned 150 million years ago, crocodiles had virtually dispensed with their terrestrial existence. The order Crocodilia…

Balancing The Extremes: People, Forests & Wildlife

August 2011: Forest land makes up more than 20 per cent of India's land mass, therefore it should be one of the vital priority areas for both governments and people in order to keep the forests safe and secure for the future. The Forests Rights Act completely polarised all the key players that engage with forest India, be it for the benefit of people or wildlife.

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