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Guarding The Realm

Credit:Dr. Anish AndheriaFebruary 2011: These armed guards in the Dudhwa Tiger Reserve in Uttar Pradesh and their compatriots across India, risk life and limb daily to protect our wildlife from poachers, encroachers, forest fires, illegal…

Baubles, Beads And Carnivores

February 2011: When the colonisers of yore reached the far corners of our planet centuries ago, they plundered lands in exchange for baubles and beads. Communities that resisted were brutally subdued. What single-minded GDP-seekers are doing today to natural India and its human and wildlife communities in the name of development is similar.

Dust To Dust

Credit:A. Christy WilliamsDecember 2010: These Asian elephants Elephas maximus, seen kicking up so much dust in Corbett, were a mere possibility on the evolutionary horizon when the dinosaurs died out. Fossil evidence suggests…

Monkeying With The Planet

December 2010: Companies that enrich themselves by selling packaged drinking water, flavoured or unflavoured, in plastic bottles are significant contributors to global climate change.

On Parasitism

Credit:Yuwaraj GurjarOctober 2010: It’s been over 150 years since Charles Darwin’s seminal work, On the Origin of Species. Yet, the molecular foundation for natural selection, a key driver of evolution, continues to elude us. When…

Tree By Tree

October 2010: They tell us they want to spend our hard-earned tax money to connect rural to urban India and thus improve the lives of the poor. They also say that by creating 70,548 km. of national highways, the country will magically ‘develop’.

Dangling Conversations

Credit:Dr. Anish AndheriaAugust 2010: When city claustrophobia closes in, and an escape to one or another natural wonderlands is not written into my fate, I turn to my friends, the thinkers and poets who give voice to my deepest contemplations.…

It Is Easier To Build Strong Children Than To Repair Broken Men

August 2010: That stark sentence from Frederick Douglass more or less sums up the raison de etre of Cub magazine, launched soon after Sanctuary Asia began publication in 1981.

The Poetry Of Nature

June 2010: Why do so many of us believe that this Bengal Florican Houbaropsis bengalensis might survive despite the double dose of bad news that confronts us daily from grassland habitats such as Kaziranga… and Manas where Ramki took this incredible series of images?…

Budh Singh’s Tree

June 2010: Meet Budh Singh, an Ahir cowherd. If he is lucky he will be contracted to stand watch all day, 20 m. above the ground, to give park authorities an early fire warning. For his 12 hour service he will be paid about Rs. 100 per day. And that often is all that keeps hunger at bay for his family. He gets no meal allowance. No subsidised transport. No gratuity. No medical benefits.…

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