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A Kingdom Restored

Reiterating the importance of securing habitats as Protected Areas for wildlife, Sheren Shrestha shares the success story behind the resurgence of the Banke National Park in Nepal and the subsequent revival of tiger numbers.

Roads To Nowhere – Roadkills – A Citizen Science Initiative

Rizwan Mithawala elucidates on an effort to engage concerned citizens through a mobile-based application developed by the Wildlife Conservation Trust to collect data on mortality of wild animals on roads, railway lines and irrigation canals across the country.

How Do You Dream Of Going To Sea

Writer, conservation advocate and passionate wildlife lover, Neha Sinha has been using her impressive knowledge and penmanship to highlight threatened species and ecosystems. Winner of a Sanctuary Wildlife Service Award in 2017, she writes here about the important, but mostly ignored, problem of how human trash is impacting marine ecology.

The Cold Clutch Of Death

From his rescue diaries, Jose Louies recounts the evils of snaring, a barbaric practice that probably kills more wild animals than virtually any other hunting method.

Why Otters Matter

Monitoring a pack of otters along the Cauvery river with the help of a local fisherman, Gopakumar Menon opines on the sentinel role otters play in their threatened ecosystem.

Birds And Beasts – The Human-Inflicted Extinction Story Of India

In this two-part series, birdman, author and naturalist extraordinaire, Sumit Sen, writes about some birds and beasts that India has pushed to extinction and are lost to us forever, those considered lost, and those that we will certainly lose unless we act now. The focus is on human-induced loss of charismatic animals – large mammals and birds, not because they are more important, but because they help drive the…

One Million Snakebites

A third of globally-estimated snakebite deaths occur in India. Janaki Lenin explains what makes Indians prone to snakebites, and why antivenom research needs to be prioritised and supported.

The Battle For Tost’s Snow Leopards

Bayarjargal Agvaantseren narrates how the only Protected Area in the world dedicated exclusively to snow leopards was created against all odds.

The Indian Elephant

M. Krishnan, a writer, an experienced naturalist and a friend of elephants introduces the magnificent Indian Elephas maximus to the readers.

Real Estate Contemplations In God’s Own Country

Even as an assortment of organisations and government bodies work together to secure vital elephant corridors in Kerala, Pranav Capila contemplates the hurdles in their way.

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