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Is This Right?

June 2011: While tourism offers a wonderful opportunity to make wildlife conservation a tangible source of profit, great care must be taken to ensure that it does not become a threat itself. A recent incident in the buffer zone of the Bandipur Tiger Reserve is a case in point. When a herd of elephants, including two calves, reached a waterhole, they were denied their basic right to…

Are Big Dams Leaving India High And Dry? By Neeraj Vagholikar

April 2011: The author is one of India’s most knowledgeable experts on the impact of large development projects such as dams and  mines on ecosystems and people. He has travelled extensively across India and has been reporting and writing for Sanctuary for over 15 years. He writes here of India’s planned destruction of the Brahmaputra valley.

How to kill elephants – A Government Of India Blueprint

April 2011: Forget the fact that the elephant is venerated in India. The reality is that as a people we are changing the course of elephant evolution by interfering with the quintessence of its survival through our capricious behaviour that is resulting in whittling the space available to them and placing obstacles in the way of migrations that have been central to their survival.

Human-Elephant Conflict In India

April 2011: “In the case of elephant and man we have one of the best examples known of two superficially dissimilar animals sharing common biological needs, and therefore competing vigorously whenever they contact each other.” – Alistair Graham (1973).

The Corbett Conundrum: Close It To Tourism, Or Open It Up Further?

February 2011: Consensus on the issue of wildlife tourism continues to evade those involved in wildlife conservation. One set of people suggest that tourists be kept at arm’s length from wildlife and another believes that tourism actually prevents wildlife poachers from ripping through our Protected Area network undiscovered. The authors are both involved with tourism but they…

The Passing Away Of A Gentle Giant

February 2011: Rajaji’s most famous resident Tipu, a wild elephant many of you have had the opportunity to see, photograph or perhaps hear about his escapades, passed away on the night of January 8, 2011.

Expedition - Talle Valley

December 2010: The road was nearly impossible. The incessant rains had eroded the sides, making passage very challenging for our vehicle. Trees brought down by heavy gusts of wind lay across the road, which itself had turned into slush, part ravine, part bog.

Return Of The Cheetah?

October 2010: Despite its immense and increasing demographic pressures, India has lost only one large wild mammalian species since the country’s Independence in 1947.

Freshwater Jewels

August 2010: The blue waters of the Ramganga shimmered in the afternoon sun. It was an idyllic day, perfect for lying at the river’s edge, looking at the blue sky and the wide sweep of water as a river that had flowed for centuries lapped its white stone-lined banks. But life, as it often does, had other plans for me and I had work to do.

The Future of the Bengal Tiger

August 2010: Sanctuary Asia presents below an indicative ‘Tiger Agenda’ for the next decade. This has been arrived at in consultation with some of India’s best wildlife experts, including forest officers, state government officials, the National Tiger Conservation Authority (NTCA) and several members of the National Board for Wildlife.

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