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Where Valmiki Sings The Blues

A telling portrait of people, landscapes, wildlife, and the problems they face is presented by Pranav Capila, who asks that Bihar’s Valmiki Tiger Reserve is better protected.

Umred-Karhandla – An Evolving Success Story… An Unknown Destiny

The name Roheet Karoo is synonymous with this forest. Working closely with local communities and forest officials, he helped nurture biodiversity back to a landscape that is critical to the survival of dispersing tigers from the Tadoba and Nagzira-Navegaon Tiger Reserves.

Our Rhinos In Trouble

Poaching is the unfortunate reality that the Kaziranga National Park and Tiger Reserve authorities have to grapple with, and unfortunately, official responses to the poaching crisis have left much to be desired. The conviction rate of rhino poachers is dismal, and between 2009 to 2013, though 214 poachers were arrested in Assam not a single one of them was ever convicted.

Chasing Chacha – How India’s Most Notorious Tiger-Parts Trader Since Sansar Chand Was Put Behind Bars

Bags of cash, forged documents, inner city car chases, hidden tiger skins, forensic investigations, code words, revoked confessions, poachers, clues, criminals and cops. The tale that Kartik Shukul narrates has all the makings of a Guy Ritchie action flick. Each subplot of the plot has several subplots of its own, and characters flit in and out of each other’s storylines with disconcerting frequency.

The Fish That Wears The Night On Its Back

Community conservation initiatives by fishermen off the coast of Saurashtra have helped the whale shark stage a slow but sure comeback, writes Pranav Capila.

The Flight Of The Falcon

Executive Director of the Wildlife Trust of India Vivek Menon provides Sanctuary Asia readers with an account of one of the most extraordinary conservation success stories of recent times.

The Hyaena Diaries

Hyaenas have established a tentative home in the outskirts of Maharashtra’s Mayureshwar Wildlife Sanctuary. Mihir Godbole, Milind Raut, Viraaj Apte and Siddhesh Bramhankar followed the feliforms and urge that such ‘marginal’ wildernesses’ be protected.

Breed Or Bust? Can Captive Breeding Save The Great Indian Bustard?

Could captive breeding bring the Great Indian Bustard back from the brink of extinction, asks Arjun Awasthi.

A Critical Note On The Status Of Hangul (Kashmir Deer)

Over View: Of the twenty member family, Kashmir Deer (Hangul) is the only asiatic survivor of this genus, since Shou or Sikkim stag is believed to have vanished from eastern Himalayas in Cumby valley of Sikkim, adjacent valleys of Bhutan and south eastern Nepal. Hangul being endemic to Jammu & Kashmir of a very poor population status was designated as State Animal in 1980’s to focus the attention…

Indonesia’s Burning Issue

A single forest fire is hard to control. Imagine over 100,000 of them. Indonesia is in the middle of what can be termed as the worst environmental disaster of the 21st century. Millions of acres of Indonesia’s bio diverse peatlands have been burnt to ash in these fires that have been raging through the islands of the country since August this year.

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