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The Jungle Of Barely Floating Hope

In Chhattisgarh’s Udanti-Sitanadi Tiger Reserve, a small crew works to protect a not-so-charismatic, but highly endangered bovine at the Wild Buffalo Rescue Centre. Pranav Capila trails the team.

Activists Uncover Rampant Logging In Similipal Tiger Reserve

The Wildlife Society of Orissa has obtained photographic evidence of the illegal smuggling of wood from the Similipal Tiger Reserve to nearby towns, and exposed a breakdown in law enforcement on the part of the forest authorities.

Icon Of The Cauvery

U.K. fisheries scientist and Mahseer Trust director Adrian Pinder, tells of how the hump-backed mahseer first captured his attention, and the journey he has embarked upon to contribute towards the conservation of the endemic biodiversity of south India’s Cauvery river.

The ‘Capped’ Monkeys Of India’s Northeast

In the forests of Northeast India, you’re unlikely to miss a long-tailed monkey that virtually wears a cap on its head. Once among the most common animals of these forests, Dr. Anwaruddin Choudhury has lost track of the number of times he has encountered these exquisite langurs in the wild, but worries now about their future because their forests are vanishing.

Dam Lawyers Don’t “Understand This Obsession With The Black-necked Crane”

A Sanctuary report on the irrational arguments made by the lawyers defending the clearance given to the Nyamjang Chhu dam project that will decimate one of the only two wintering sites of the Black-necked Crane in India.

Will The Black-necked Crane Go The Way Of The Siberian Crane?

The story of the Black-necked Crane has contrasts that are telling—and tragic. Neha Sinha explains why the Nyamjang Chhu dam must be challenged for the sake of this vulnerable species.

Neglected And Unprotected

In the shadow of India’s famous tiger reserves are a host of wildlife sanctuaries, conservation reserves, reserve forests, wetlands and grasslands that are home to bountiful biodiversity. Unfortunately, too many of these habitats, critical to wildlife in their own right, are quietly and insidiously being degraded or encroached.

A Problem Upriver

Marine mammal researcher and conservationist, Mihir Sule outlines the massive, collaborative effort that saw a dolphin, stranded in the Amba river, reunited with its pod at sea.

Out Of The Blue

A moving account of two marine mammal researchers’ experience with a young blue whale stranded in shallow waters near Alibaug, Maharashtra.

In The Face Of Sixth Mass Extinction

Soon a millennium will end. With it will pass four billion years of evolutionary exuberance. Yes, some species will survive, particularly the smaller, tenacious ones living in places far too dry and cold for us to farm or graze. Yet we must face the fact that the Cenozoic, the Age of Mammals which has been in retreat since the catastrophic extinctions of the late Pleistocene is over, and that the Anthropozoic or…

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