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The Magic Of Mangalajodi

Tucked away in the northeastern fringe of Orissa’s Chilika Lake, Mangalajodi is well known to the best birders in India. Visitors accustomed to focusing on tiger tourism are discovering the joys of birdwatching in one of the most exquisite natural landscapes in India, suggests Panchami Manoo Ukil.

The Hunting-Leopards Of Saranda

The trail of the cheetah in India has been obscured by the sands of time. Raza Kazmi painstakingly dug up fresh references on the existence of cheetahs in the Saranda region and presents his conclusions here, which are in line with the long-held belief that wild cheetahs did exist in India for eons. This view is, of course, at variance with the thesis presented by Valmik Thapar et. al. in their book,…

Kakoijana – Home Of The Golden Langurs

Debahutee Roy writes about a conservation initiative for endangered golden langurs, involving a triumvirate of local communities, forest officials and NGOs working against all odds to protect a fragmented forest called Kakoijana, in Assam.

Empty Sea Syndrome

Overfishing and unsustainable practices are causing fish to disappear from the world’s oceans at unprecedented rates. Pooja Rathod and Tiasa Adhya interact with fishermen in Malvan along the Maharashtra coast to learn about the impact of trawlers and the exploitation of dwindling marine resources.

The Nawabs Of Garo Hills

Yaranajit Deka and Nimesh Ved inform Sanctuary Asia readers how butterfly-watching, with help from the local community, is helping to create livelihoods and protect Meghalaya’s Balpakram-Baghmara landscape.

Elephants: Beyond Borders In Southern Africa

Southern Africa is home to almost two-thirds of Africa’s elephants. The conditions in which elephants find themselves in the region vary considerably, from small, relatively isolated populations in some instances, to farmed environments in others, to large, contiguous trans-boundary populations. It is these large populations that extend well beyond the boundaries of national parks, and even countries in many cases,…

Photographing Elephants

The ethics of wildlife photography must supersede the ambitions of those who venture out in search of the image, writes Ashish Chandola, one of India’s most experienced conservation cinematographers. 

Owls Of The Forest’s Edge

To understand the interface between the protected Kalakad-Mundanthurai Tiger Reserve and the farmed lands surrounding the forest, Prashanth M.B., M. Mathivanan and T. Ganesh undertook a survey of owls. They share some of their observations with Sanctuary’s readers.

The Wildlife Crime Nexus

Dan BennettSamir Sinha, former head of WWF-India’s Traffic cell, writes about one of India’s worst kept secrets… that the illegal wildlife trade is inextricably linked to narcotics and arms networks.

World Forestry Day – March 21, 2013

The rupees 446 crore, seven-year loan to fund the Odisha (Orissa) Forest Sector Development Project (OFSDP) from the Japanese government ended in March 2013. Its legacy, says the author, will not be easy to understand.

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