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25 Species Endangered – We Must Not Lose

25 Species Endangered – We Must Not Lose

October 2006: The IUCN, the World Conservation Union, an international organisation dedicated to natural resource conservation has various labels for species based on its perception of their status – threatened, vulnerable, endangered, and so on.


The following list should not be confused with the IUCN listing. It is a result of the threat perceptions of the Sanctuary team, which works with field biologists, conservationists, forest officers, journalists and others with a specific interest in keeping the wildlife of India out of harm’s way. By definition, such lists are subject to differences of opinion. Because a species has been left out does not indicate that we believe it needs “less” protection. In a sense, our list is merely indicative, and should help Sanctuary readers decide how they might wish to be involved in helping to protect wildlife. Readers are urged to contact us with specific offers of help. We will attempt to put them in touch with credible biologists and activists, or non-governmental organisations and government departments.


It was a difficult process to shortlist 25 when so many species around the country are in dire straits. Our focus is on apex species because protecting them leads to the protection of many others.


The article was first published in Sanctuary Asia October 2006 issue.


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