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Sanctuary Cover Story June 2012: World Environment Day, June 5, is doubly significant this year since Rio+20 will dominate virtually every nation’s global agenda. Sanctuary gives you a bird’s eye view of the upcoming Rio Summit and its significance.

Pictures Don't Lie... And Rhinos Do Die

Sanctuary Cover Story April 2012: Sushil Kumar Daila, Divisional Forest Officer, Mangaldai Wildlife Division, recounts a recent rhino poaching incident in Assam’s Orang National Park and highlights some positive developments that will help secure the park.

Conservation Biology In India

April 2012: India has some of the finest scientists and field biologists in the world. Professor Biju Das, a Sanctuary Wildlife Service Award 2011 recipient, has, for instance, been recognised for the high quality amphibian research his team has conducted. Earlier this year, he was credited with the discovery of a new family of burrowing caecilians (see image below) from Northeast India, which reveal…

Equity, Ecology And Economics – A Sanctuary Report

Our Protected Areas such as PeriyarSanctuary Cover Story February 2012: A ministry that the late Prime Minster, Indira Gandhi, had farsightedly set up to defend the survival assets of the poor – forests, grasslands, wetlands, rivers, lakes, shores and mountains – against the ambitions of the rich, is being purposefully…

Winning Battles

'GREY GHOST OF THE HIMALAYA'Sanctuary Cover Story December 2011: The Sanctuary Wildlife Awards, supported by DSP BlackRock and Deutsche Bank, now in its 12th year, were initiated to recognise men and women who show extraordinary commitment and passion to protect and safeguard our planet's natural resources.…

India & Pakistan on the Ecological Brink

Sanctuary Cover Story October 2011:In a 2008 paper, former Union cabinet minister, Mani Shankar Aiyar, opined that India's energy security could not be addressed without consideration of the country's neighbourhood policy. In other words, energy security was not just a national policy issue but a foreign…

Valmik Thapar Remembers: Thirty-Five Years With The Tigers Of Ranthambhore

Tigers My Life - Cover

How do you begin to introduce the best 35 years of your life? All I know is that since early 1976, my life has been completely entangled with tigers. And it has been fantastic.

Ranthambhore – The Tiger’s Realm

Ranthambhore Tiger Reserve August 2011:  Ranthambhore has inspired a whole generation of tiger defenders down the years. This latest addition to the archive is a stunning visual and textual articulation of one of the world's best known tiger habitats by Panthera tigris' next line of…

Wildlife Tourism: Can India Turn It Into A Conservation Tool?

Wildlife tourism or ecotourism. Credit: Hamir Thapar Sanctuary Cover Story June 2011: Can we negotiate a path by availing of the immense potential of tourism to educate, conserve and offer employment, yet avoid the minefield of misuse and abuse that afflicts…

Right Of Passage: Elephant Corridors Of India

An elephant's foot buffers the impact of massive body mass and is portected by a tough fatty sole. Credit:Nayan KhanolkarSanctuary Cover Story April 2011: Deep in the deciduous…

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