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National Wildlife Week – Grim, Grimmer… Grimmest?

These olive-Ridley turtles Lepidochelys olivacea Sanctuary Cover Story October 2010: The future of India's wildlife has never been grimmer. People around the country - wildlifers, lawyers, young activists, journalists - have written to us citing how forested India is being ripped apart by a mix of infrastructure…

Quo Vadis Panthera Tigris? – Part 2

Sharath S.On World Environment Day 2007, India would do well to ponder the fate of the tiger and recognise that it is in fact a mirror image of the fate of the Indian subcontinent. As a nation, we have fallen from grace. Where we once led the…

Quo Vadis Panthera Tigris? – Part 1

Nayan Khanolkar.In this first part of a two-part article, Bittu Sahgal and Jennifer Scarlott ask what the future holds for India's tigers, tracing the descent of the once internationally renowned Project Tiger.

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