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Oceans – The Good, The Bad And The Ugly

Globalised industrial fishing is taking a vicious toll on the world’s oceans. We need to collectively rethink our attitudes towards the food we eat, suggests Siddharth Chakravarty.

Length Of Skin, Weight Of Bones

A chilling journey into the minds and methods of some individuals from India’s traditional hunting communities.

Learning From The Locals

PhD researcher Sanjeeta Sharma pays gratitude to the many wonderful people she encountered during her fieldwork in India and Nepal.

Lessons From Nature

Saurav Malhotra from the Balipara Foundation shares his experience and the idea behind the setting up of the Eastern Himalayan Botanical Gardens in Assam.

Stunning New Geckos Described From South India

With the discovery and description of the Bangalore geckoella and Rishi Valley geckoella from the Mysore plateau, India adds two new endemic species to its biodiversity inventory.

Hornbill Haven

Amitha Bachan  K.H. of the Western Ghats Hornbill Foundation writes about The Great Hornbill’s nesting and mating patterns in Vazhachal Forest Division in Kerala.

A Winter Vagrant In A Sacred Forest

Sutirtha Lahiri writes about his visit to Mangar Bani and an extremely rare sighting of the Song Thrush, a bird that breeds in Europe and migrates to Africa in the winter.

A Cat Amongst The Pigeons

Captivated by the charisma, intelligence and ability of the cat family, Vivek Menon recounts two surprise encounters with the ubiquitous of them all – the jungle cat.

Gaya Days

Sanctuary’s Lifetime Service Award winner of 2016, S.E.H. Kazmi is synonymous with Jharkhand’s Palamau Tiger Reserve. However, in the early days of his career, he served in the Gautam Buddha Wildlife Sanctuary, a little-known wildlife sanctuary now split between Bihar and Jharkhand. Here, he narrates charming and thrilling anecdotes from those initial years in Chotanagpur's dense forests,…

Nature’s Business: Connecting The Dots

From the Galapagos to the Amazon, Biomimicry Communicator Anjan Prakash travels the world to be inspired by Nature’s designs. In this 10-part column, Nature’s Business, she shares her adventures and learnings.

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