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Walking With Polar Bears

Getting up close and personal with the world’s largest carnivores warmed Geetika Jain’s heart in the freezing north of Hudson Bay, Canada. Along with adventure, and sheer joy, she is left with reflections and anxiety for the fragility of their harsh, but exquisite world.

Looks that Kill – The Salman Khan Factor

Salman Khan was arrested on October 12, 1998, at Jodhpur, Rajasthan. The charges against him framed under the Wildlife (Protection) Act, 1972, include the hunting and killing of three endangered animals (two black buck and a chinkara) on the night of September 27-28, 1998. 

Tourism’s Potential For Conservation

When well-managed, tourism, unlike most industries, can create a thriving economy that is not dependent on the one-time consumption of natural resources – one where the local communities can become active partners both in tourism and in nature conservation, writes Joanna Van Gruisen.

Through The Lens Of Protectors

Who better to tell the stories of our wildernesses than those who experience it on a daily basis, suggests Nandini Velho, while sketching portraits of two members of the anti-poaching staff at the Pakke Tiger Reserve who also moonlight as wildlife filmmakers.

Appa’s Mangroves

Malaika Vaz traces how a rigorous community effort led by Appa Rao Allarpathi overcame the onslaught of the unsustainable shrimp industry to restore a fragile ecosystem in Andhra Pradesh’s Krishna Wildlife Sanctuary.

The Holy Trail Of Grandalas

Ram Gopalakrishnan chronicles his search for the high-altitude dwelling grandala in the little mountain town of Tawang, tucked away in the northwestern corner of Arunachal Pradesh.

DNA For Conservation

Conservation is an unbelievably vast and a rather deep science. How deep? All the way to the molecular level! And to understand the implications of studying the fundamental molecular unit of all life – the DNA, on conservation of the dwindling wildlife, fourteen participants from all over India gathered for the Conservation Genetics workshop at the prestigious Sálim Ali Centre for Ornithology and Natural History…

Run Rhino Run

Ten thousand years ago, the woolly rhino walked alongside the woolly mammoth. Vivek Menon ruminates on the evolution of these horned behemoths, and what lies in store for their just-about-surviving descendents.

Hans Dalal, Nature Bound

During a mid-day slump at the Sanctuary Nature Foundation office, Anadya Singh encounters tiger conservationist Hans Dalal. She sketches a portrait of a man who lives an unconventional life.

Big Blue, Tall Green

Migrants to the Andaman Islands, Chetana Purushotham and Krishna Anujan find themselves enamoured by the deep, lush wilderness of these islands and the water that surrounds them. Respectively a marine ecologist and tropical biologist, they banter on the incorruptible link between life underwater and on land.

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