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Big Blue, Tall Green

Migrants to the Andaman Islands, Chetana Purushotham and Krishna Anujan find themselves enamoured by the deep, lush wilderness of these islands and the water that surrounds them. Respectively a marine ecologist and tropical biologist, they banter on the incorruptible link between life underwater and on land.

How Literate Are You? Environmentally.

This pertinent question was the theme of the day at the round-table discussion organized by the Sanctuary Nature Foundation, Earth Day Network-India and Bhavan’s College on April 22, 2017, the 47th Earth Day, at Bhavan’s College, Andheri, Mumbai. 

H Is For Hummingbird, S For Sunbird

While visiting Colombia, Vivek Menon finds himself enchanted by the country’s hummingbirds. He assures us that in India, convergent evolution has gifted us the less-delicate, but just as captivating sunbird.

Purse Seines And Migrant Labour – Managing Fisheries In Maharashtra’s Sindhudurg District

As our oceans are filled with plastic and emptied of marine life, and climate change moves into higher gear, it becomes ever more vital that the contentious issue of marine fishing takes centre stage in national and international debates on the future of both fish and fisherfolk.

In Perfect Harmony: The Pakke Paga Festival 2017

Deven Gandhi chronicles his three-day experience at The Pakke Paga festival— Arunachal Pradesh’s only wildlife-themed festival.

The Tale Of A Sacred Trail

Ecologist Dipani Sutaria’s sublime experience of an ancient landscape – Haryana’s sacred forest, Mangar bani.

Oceans – The Good, The Bad And The Ugly

Globalised industrial fishing is taking a vicious toll on the world’s oceans. We need to collectively rethink our attitudes towards the food we eat, suggests Siddharth Chakravarty.

Length Of Skin, Weight Of Bones

A chilling journey into the minds and methods of some individuals from India’s traditional hunting communities.

Learning From The Locals

PhD researcher Sanjeeta Sharma pays gratitude to the many wonderful people she encountered during her fieldwork in India and Nepal.

Lessons From Nature

Saurav Malhotra from the Balipara Foundation shares his experience and the idea behind the setting up of the Eastern Himalayan Botanical Gardens in Assam.

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