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A Cat Amongst The Pigeons

Captivated by the charisma, intelligence and ability of the cat family, Vivek Menon recounts two surprise encounters with the ubiquitous of them all – the jungle cat.

Gaya Days

Sanctuary’s Lifetime Service Award winner of 2016, S.E.H. Kazmi is synonymous with Jharkhand’s Palamau Tiger Reserve. However, in the early days of his career, he served in the Gautam Buddha Wildlife Sanctuary, a little-known wildlife sanctuary now split between Bihar and Jharkhand. Here, he narrates charming and thrilling anecdotes from those initial years in Chotanagpur's dense forests,…

Nature’s Business: Connecting The Dots

From the Galapagos to the Amazon, Biomimicry Communicator Anjan Prakash travels the world to be inspired by Nature’s designs. In this 10-part column, Nature’s Business, she shares her adventures and learnings.

The Extraterrestrial Spell Of Lonar

Thousands of stellar bodies and debris called asteroids and meteoroids pass within striking distance of the Earth every day. They range from the size of dust particles to those spanning kilometres and weighing millions of tons. And each time our planet is struck by a sizable extra-terrestrial body, it leaves its mark in the form of an impact crater on the Earth’s surface. And each one makes for a great story. The…

Straight To Walong

This is a light-hearted paean to the joys of birding and to the great outdoors as Ram Gopalakrishnan travels right to the Chinese border in search of the birds that give his life meaning.

The Mormons

Popularly known as the Butterflyman of India, Isaac Kehimkar has dedicated 30 years of his life to these winged beauties. Today, as he is all set to release his magnum opus Butterflies of India, let's revisit the very first article he wrote about butterflies, which was published in Sanctuary Asia in 1986. One of the many strategies evolved by nature for the survival of butterflies, adaptive…

A Fortnight On The Cuiaba

“Such is the diversity and sheer magnificence of the Pantanal in Brazil that even after having returned to the daily grind for more than three weeks now, the wilderness of the wetlands hasn’t left me,” reflects Bhavna Menon of her indulgent neotropical experience.

Tigers – The Disastrous Decade

Despite the recent brouhaha over increasing tiger numbers, all is not well in its realm, opines wildlife defender Valmik Thapar.

Crab Arribada

While searching for frogs in Goa’s Bondla Wildlife Sanctuary, Keerthi Krutha chances upon thousands of crabs on the move.


A long-time visitor to Chhattisgarh’s Achanakmar Tiger Reserve, Prodipto Lahiri still finds himself enchanted by this remarkable forest.

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