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A long-time visitor to Chhattisgarh’s Achanakmar Tiger Reserve, Prodipto Lahiri still finds himself enchanted by this remarkable forest.

All The Better To See You With

In and around the Auroville Township in Puducherry live at least six species of owls. Eric Ramanujam offers Sanctuary readers a charming introduction to these birds of darkness.

The Unbearable Din Of Being A Dolphin

The ‘Silent World’, our great oceanic realm, is subject to a cacophony of human-produced noise that impacts marine life. Vivek Menon thinks it’s time we concentrated on quietening our sonic seas.

Zoos Dehumanise Us

The Mumbai zoo’s latest imports, eight Humboldt Penguins, are here and stirring up quite a controversy. Editor-in-chief, Sanctuary Cub magazine and mother to two young boys, Tara Sahgal writes on the disastrous impacts of ‘unwilding’ our kids, and why she has never taken her sons to see animals at a zoo.

Kanha National Park – The Pride Of Project Tiger

Of the thousands of visitors who enter Kanha National Park each year, no more than a handful are aware of the behind-the-scenes activity that is responsible for the success of this awe inspiring jungle.

Tamil Nadu’s Elephantine Shame

A Sanctuary report on wild elephant deaths in Tamil Nadu, and the urgent need for the forest department, state government and railway authorities to work together for the safety of people and wildlife in the state.

The Last Flight

Neglecting the significant role of raptors in the ecosystem doesn’t bode well for their conservation, writes Sanctuary’s Assistant Editor Anirudh Nair.

A Funeral Of Giants

On a solemn day in Kenya, Vivek Menon watches tonnes of ivory go up in flames and pays touching tribute to the giants that were felled for the misplaced value of their tusks.

Badgered! Obsessions With An Elusive Generalist

The feisty, elusive honey badger has Rakesh Kalva in its thrall. Despite just one wild sighting in over two years of searching, he remains committed to understanding the distribution and behaviour of this carnivore.

Why Culling ‘Vermin’ Species Is Counter-Intuitive

Human-wildlife conflict is a serious matter, especially when it comes to crop depredation by wild herbivores. While it is absolutely essential to create and implement conflict mitigation strategies, the current manner in which state governments, with the support of the Centre, are dealing with the problem is both unscientific and dangerous.

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