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Finding Wallace In Gujarat

With the discovery of a new snake species from Gujarat, Zeeshan A. Mirza and colleagues realise a dream.

Of Gerbils, Jirds And Jagnath

Ranjana Pal introduces Sanctuary readers to a small, private sanctuary near Jalore, Rajasthan, where desert wildlife thrives.

Ganesha And The Rats No One Knew

With an indisputable flair for language, Vivek Menon skillfully connects the lives of rats and elephants.

Kashmir: Heaven On Earth

The wildlife of Jammu and Kashmir is almost beyond compare, writes Bittu Sahgal, for whom this Himalayan haven has been a home away from home for over three decades.

Understanding The Finer Take-Off Dynamics Of The Grey Heron

Flying is obviously a unique attribute of the birds which had to be achieved through the evolutionary struggle of millions of years. Birds fly for different reasons. The first stage of flight is take-off. It is crucial, because a steady and perfect take-off results in a perfect flight for them. Grey Heron can take-off from shallow water, wetland reed bed and floating hyacinth and other vegetation too. It is a wonder…

No Climate For Fig Wasps

The blistering heat of Ranthambhore forces Shardul Bajikar to contemplate how rising temperatures might impact fig trees, fig wasps and the surprisingly huge number of other species that depend on the ‘lowly’ wasp for their survival.

Meeting Yeti In Delhi

A volunteer at the student-driven Young Ecologists Talk and Interact Conference 2016, Reetika Maheshwary presents a concise overview of the event for Sanctuary readers.

Two Days At YETI

A student of Delhi University’s Gargi College, and a young conservationist, Vaishali Rawat shares her notes from the two days she spent at the Young Ecologists Talk and Interact Conference 2016.

Pulling Weight At The Forest Games

At the All India Forest Service Games held in December 2015, Uttarakhand was the runner up with a final tally of 81 medals. The state’s women forest officers put up a stellar performance with 20 of the 21 participating women winning medals, including five in a newly introduced category – weightlifting. Cara Tejpal learns more.

“ A Hundred More Years To Go”: A Tribute To Dr. Chhapgar

Vardhan Patankar pays tribute to his mentor Dr. Boman Framji Chhapgar, a man considered to be India’s first marine biologist.

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