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The Vulture Crisis

On September 5, 2015, birders and wildlife enthusiasts across the globe will celebrate Vulture Awareness Day. In honour of these incredible scavengers, we dug into the Sanctuary archives to bring to you this article from 2001 that debated the cause of the crash in vulture populations before the pharmaceutical drug diclofenac was identified as the culprit.

From The Corporate To The Safarist

Best friends Tanmay Keshav and Maulik Desai gave up their corporate jobs to make a career out of their love for wildlife and travel. Thus was born ‘The Safarist’. The duo explains why India needs a wildlife community that travels together.

Kids For Tigers Celebrates Global Tiger Day

Sanctuary’s Kids for Tigers celebrated Global Tiger Day with schools from across the nation.

Lines Of Blood

Using the example of National Highway 7, writer-conservationist Neha Sinha reveals how poorly-planned linear alignments are taking a vicious toll of wild species across India.

Take Five!

Eshika Fyzee’s love for wildlife started as a young girl, and evolved into a keen interest in wildlife filmmaking. Currently enrolled at the University of West England in Bristol for a Masters in Wildlife Filmmaking, Eshika has worked as a Field Assistant to National Geographic Emerging Explorer Sandesh Kadur, and has just completed an editorial internship with Sanctuary Asia.

Will We Value Our Independence?

Bittu Sahgal, Editor, Sanctuary Asia

India’s economic structure has been built over centuries on a stable ecological foundation. Our current government, however, believes the opposite... that a stable ecology is predicated on a strong economic foundation.  It is this dangerously mistaken notion that prompts our government to believe that India's pursuit of economic development justifies dismantling…

Tears For The Elephant

In anticipation of World Elephant Day on August 12, Vivek Menon reminds us why elephants and their seemingly intractable problems need immediate interventions and solutions.

Orphans With A Family

Dr. Bhaskar Choudhury presents a short account of what might just be the first-ever successful reintegration of rehabilitated elephant calves into a wild herd in Assam.

Grow Fast And Die Young – The Accelerated Life Of A Jawai Leopard

Following the leopards of Jawai over two years has led Adam Bannister to believe that these felines lead relatively short lives owing to the unique landscape that is their home.

Global Tiger Day – Its Significance

This year marks the fifth Global Tiger Day. Established in 2010 at the Saint Petersburg Tiger Summit, July 29th is dedicated to the worldwide awareness and support for tiger conservation. Less than a century ago, 1,00,000 tigers roamed the forests of Asia, but today only about 3,000 tigers survive in the wild. With the four primary issues of poaching, habitat destruction, man-animal conflict, and diminishing prey base…

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