Will We Value Our Independence?

Bittu Sahgal, Editor, Sanctuary Asia

India’s economic structure has been built over centuries on a stable ecological foundation. Our current government, however, believes the opposite... that a stable ecology is predicated on a strong economic foundation.  It is this dangerously mistaken notion that prompts our government to believe that India's pursuit of economic development justifies dismantling…

Tears For The Elephant

In anticipation of World Elephant Day on August 12, Vivek Menon reminds us why elephants and their seemingly intractable problems need immediate interventions and solutions.

Orphans With A Family

Dr. Bhaskar Choudhury presents a short account of what might just be the first-ever successful reintegration of rehabilitated elephant calves into a wild herd in Assam.

Grow Fast And Die Young – The Accelerated Life Of A Jawai Leopard

Following the leopards of Jawai over two years has led Adam Bannister to believe that these felines lead relatively short lives owing to the unique landscape that is their home.

Global Tiger Day – Its Significance

This year marks the fifth Global Tiger Day. Established in 2010 at the Saint Petersburg Tiger Summit, July 29th is dedicated to the worldwide awareness and support for tiger conservation. Less than a century ago, 1,00,000 tigers roamed the forests of Asia, but today only about 3,000 tigers survive in the wild. With the four primary issues of poaching, habitat destruction, man-animal conflict, and diminishing prey base…

Yours Truly

This Global Tiger Day, in a stirring letter to humans from the national animal, incorrigible wildlife defender Prerna Bindra lends voice to the tiger.

Accolades For Grassroots Conservationists

As the ‘Knowledge Partner’ for NDTV’s ‘Save Our Tigers’ campaign, Sanctuary Asia was asked to recommend sterling individuals from India’s forest department to be felicitated on  July 29, 2015, Global Tiger Day, in New Delhi.

The Female Of The Species

Executive Director of WTI, Vivek Menon takes a playful look at prevalent feminine clichés and the wild females who embody them.

Wahala In Nigeria

Spending three weeks in the midst of the largest population of endangered drill monkeys in the world, where time is only measured by sunsets and the growing number of red spots on your hands.

(Wahala is the common local parlance for troubles).

Death On The Beach

My friend and I spotted a dolphin on Juhu beach while we were out jogging on June 15, 2015. It was alive, though brutally injured. Its breathing was laboured and the heavy stench of death pierced the air. The dolphin was struggling between life and death; sadly it died, not due to injury but due to the ignorance of the public, and wildlife organisations that were too busy to attend to the matter.

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