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Wahala In Nigeria

Spending three weeks in the midst of the largest population of endangered drill monkeys in the world, where time is only measured by sunsets and the growing number of red spots on your hands.

(Wahala is the common local parlance for troubles).

Death On The Beach

My friend and I spotted a dolphin on Juhu beach while we were out jogging on June 15, 2015. It was alive, though brutally injured. Its breathing was laboured and the heavy stench of death pierced the air. The dolphin was struggling between life and death; sadly it died, not due to injury but due to the ignorance of the public, and wildlife organisations that were too busy to attend to the matter.

Into The Wild

Years of investigative journalism and policy work have taken Prerna Bindra to the remotest, most-neglected corners of India. She recounts tales from her wild journeys for Sanctuary’s readers.

The Panchgen Valley

Red pandas endorse the strategy of incentivising community-conservation in a remote corner of Arunachal Pradesh, which should be protected for posterity, say Rajarshi Chakraborty and Jaya Upadhyay.

Where The Wild Things Are

A young Columbia University student’s musings while on assignment as a freelance writer-photographer in Nagarahole.

The Domestic Wild – When An Orphaned Kitten Turned Striped, Spotted and Big

Returning home from a village pond, a farmer from Bengal’s Midnapore district hears the call of an animal in distress. Stopping to investigate, he discovers an orphaned kitten that he takes home and nurtures. But what happens when the kitten grows far beyond the dimensions of any domestic cat?

Notes From A ‘Bubophile’

Eurasian Eagle Owl or Indian Eagle Owl? ‘Bubophile’ M. Eric Ramanujam helps Sanctuary readers figure out what sets the two apart.

Seeing Red – Striking Colour In Coral Snakes And Their Possible Mimics, Kukri Snakes

Little is known about the flamboyant coral snakes found in India, or about the many snake species that mimic these venomous reptiles. V. Deepak delves into their world and shares with us some fascinating insights.

Parambikulam – Subaltern Sanctuary To Sanctum Sanctorum

The Parambikulam Wildlife Sanctuary in ‘God’s Own Country’ exemplifies the best of a thriving Western Ghats ecosystem, writes Vivek Menon.

Becoming A Mountain – Himalayan Journeys In Search Of The Sacred And The Sublime

Soon after a vicious assault left him and his wife on the threshold of death, writer Stephen Alter found himself struggling with questions of identity and belonging in the land of his birth. To heal his battered body and soul, Alter set out on a series of treks through the high Himalaya, a journey that is chronicled lyrically in Becoming A Mountain. Here, he allows Sanctuary Asia

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