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Kids For Tigers Celebrates Global Tiger Day

Orchids The International School, Mumbai

On the occasion of Global Tiger Day 2015, Orchids The International School, Mumbai, organised numerous activities to raise awareness and knowledge about tiger conservation. As part of the students’ curriculum, the children analysed poetry and literature pertaining to the theme of the emblematic tiger.

The students participated in a skit based on the estranged relationship between man and tiger, and how man is to be blamed for the national animal’s declining numbers. A poem written by the students themselves describing the various emotions an endangered species might experience during the day and age of environmental destruction was presented. The day’s events concluded with an exceptionally relevant power point presentation, depicting the tiger’s role in maintaining the natural balance of India’s ecosystems.

St. Columba Primary School, Mumbai

To commemorate Global Tiger Day 2015, St. Columba Primary School, Mumbai, conducted a drawing competition based on the theme of tiger conservation in order to enhance the students’ interest in the subject. A discussion on the importance of environmental welfare and tiger conservation was also a part of the programme, that was followed by article writing, mask making, and collage making activities.

Sumeet Rahul Goel Memorial Senior Secondary School, Kamla Nagar, Agra

Sanctuary Asia and Sumeet Rahul Goel Memorial Secondary School collaborated to celebrate Global Tiger Day 2015 with the students.

The primary students participated in a variety of events with the aim of raising awareness in regard to the plight of India’s national animal, which as they pointed out, would benefit the human race as well.

The program commenced with a heart-rending animated film on tigers, followed by role-plays, mimes, poetry, and dance performances. Senior students of the environment club also contributed to the day’s activities by organising poster making and collage making competitions. The entire event was conducted under the supervision of environmentalist, Mrs. Madhu Bhatnagar, and school advisor, Mrs. Manoj Bal.

Loreto Day School, Bowbazar, Kolkata

Loreto Day School, Bowbazar, Kolkata, celebrated Global Tiger Day 2015 with a special assembly conducted for the students from classes 6 to 12. The students of class seven were in charge of a program attended by 30 children. The special assembly to commemorate Global Tiger Day included prayers, a dance, a series of songs, and a recitation of literature. An additional power point presentation on tigers and the various aspects of conservation was also showcased to students. The principal concluded the day’s events with a speech that highlighted the pressing need to raise awareness about the tiger and its future in the wild.

Janak Group of Institutions

On the occasion of Global Tiger Day 2015, Janak Group of Institutions organised various activities for their students. The children participated in plays and group songs, and recited an oath promising to make every effort to reduce their carbon footprint. The school also conducted a nature walk in the premises, where the children recognised an approximately 30 tree species.

Delhi Public School, Bangalore, North

Class 7 students of DPS Bangalore North, performed a small play around the theme of tiger conservation in an effort to raise awareness for the cause. The children seemed extremely eager to perform and do their bit to save the tiger.

Hiranandani School, (Primary Section)

The students of grade one and four presented a special assembly to the school on the occasion of Global Tiger Day. The children organised a skit based on tiger conservation that aimed to get the message of protecting the natural world across to the audience. The primary students also formed a ‘Cub Club’ as an initiative to encourage students to be more aware and sensitive about the issues pertaining to dwindling tiger populations.

Delhi Public School, Bangalore, South

Delhi Public School, Bangalore, South, celebrated Global Tiger Day 2015 for an entire week. Various programs were conducted by the school, and included an ‘Adoption of Trees’ initiative, as well as poster making activities. The students understood that saving the tiger meant saving its habitat, and hence pledged to take care of their adopted trees in order to protect the environment.

Hartley's High School, Kolkata

Hartley’s High School, Kolkata, celebrated Global Tiger Day 2015 with a host of interactive activities for the students. With the help of their teachers, students made posters and badges for every individual in the school, and conducted a signature campaign for all the students to pledge their support for tiger conservation. The students are eagerly waiting to watch an audiovisual show next month that will portray the necessity for tiger conservation.

Kenia and Anchor English School (Primary Section)

450 students celebrated Global Tiger Day 2015 at Kenia & Anchor English School (Primary Section).The activities that the school hosted for the students of classes I and II comprise during competitions and tiger mask making while classes three and four participated in slogan writing and poster making competitions, all under the theme of tiger conservation.

150 students made posters and banners for a rally that was organised by the school to commemorate the event. During the same, students dressed as tigers stole the show and distributed handouts to the local public to raise awareness about Global Tiger Day.

Hiranandani Foundation School, Pre-Primary Section, Powai

A batch of very young students from Hiranandani Foundation School, Powai, celebrated Global Tiger Day 2015 by pledging to make every effort in their power to save the tiger. They also enthusiastically took to crayon and paper as they drew images based on the theme of Global Tiger Day.


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