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Sasi Kumar T.

Sasi Kumar T.Driven and courageous Forest Rangers like Sasi Kumar are our best hope in the fight against the ruthless illegal wildlife trade, which is taking a terrible toll on India’s tigers. He works in Wynaad, Kerala where he engages poachers on the ground.

The Mahouts Of Bandhavgarh, Led By Head Mahout, E.A. Kuttappan

E.A. KuttappanThe front line staff of wildlife reserves – daily wagers, guards - rangers – are seldom credited for helping protect the forests and wildlife they defend every day of their lives. Most live and die in anonymity. Mahouts, or elephant handlers, are even more invisible.

Bholu Abrar Khan

Bholu Abrar KhanHe was a mere child when his father, a cook, moved to work for the Maharaja of Bharatpur, who used to hold massive shoots for all manner of dignitaries. Years spent here saw him fall in love with birds that were once shot, and the swamps themselves became part of his soul.

Prerna Singh Bindra

Prerna Singh BindraIn an arena dominated by ruthless men, this woman has investigated, explored, networked, fought and researched virtually every aspect of wildlife conservation and is often the source of first information reports on the seamier side of wildlife conservation.

Sukumar Paira

Sukumar PairaHe lives in tiger country. He nurtures young minds. He is the Headmaster of the Bijoynagar Adarsha Vidyamandir (BAV) located on an island called Bali, in the Sundarbans, in West Bengal.

Aditya Chandra Panda

Aditya Chandra PandaHe is all of 21, is doing his B.Sc. and visits the Chandaka-Dampara Sanctuary near Bhubaneshwar every week to monitor elephant herds locked in a tragic and chronic human-conflict zone.

Latha And Aneesh

Latha and AneeshThe Mannans are amongst the most prominent of southern Kerala’s tribes. ‘Mannan’ quite literally means ‘king’. Hunter- gatherers by birth, most Mannans are now agriculturists, largely because the forests that once sustained them were hacked to make way for modern ‘development’.

Travel Operators For Tigers (TOFT)

Abhishek BehlAn India-focused campaign with global dimensions, TOFT is attempting to turn wildlife tourism into a conservation tool. TOFT has the support of a large number of Travel Operators in the U.K. who want tourists to add their strengths to tiger conservation.

Romulus Whitaker

Romulus Whitaker, Tamil NaduAmerican by birth and Indian at heart, Romulus Earl Whitaker is an inspirational figure who has made an invaluable contribution to wildlife research and nature conservation in India..

Mohammad Firoz Ahmed

Mohammad Firoz Ahmed, AssamFiroz Ahmed is a prolific field biologist whose experience belies his 31 years. Wildlife conservation is at the centre of his life’s purpose. He is an Honorary Wildlife Warden in his home state of Assam.