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K.M. Chinnappa

K.M. ChinnappaName is synonymous with wildlife conservation in Karnataka. For over 30 years, he has worked to defend the forests and wildlife of the state. In the 1970s and 1980s, he confronted the poaching and timber mafia in the Nagarahole National Park and virtually eliminated poaching in the core of...

Manglu Baiga

Manglu BaigaThe fact that he knows Kanha and its topography like the back of his hand makes him crucial to the park's anti-poaching, fire fighting and monitoring efforts. It is doubtful that any living person knows more about this world famous tiger reserve than Manglu Baiga.

Niren Jain

Niren JainA graduate of architecture and a native of Bajagoli, a village located near the Kudremukh National Park, Niren has been actively involved in conservation efforts of the reserve since 1998.

Pankaj Sharma

Pankaj SharmaThanks to his bravery, and that of his colleagues, the number of rhinos poached fell from 25 in 1992 to six in 1996. Sharma was personally involved in seven armed encounters, resulting in the deaths of 13 poachers. Ignoring risks to his life and family, he helped secure the future of...

Charudutt Mishra And Aparajita Dutta

Charudutt Mishra and Aparajita DattaCharudutt is currently working to establish the first high-altitude wildlife reserve in Tawang and West Kameng. Aparajita runs a conservation programme in Namdapha, where she is trying to integrate the Lisu community in wildlife monitoring and protection. She also helps train and employ...

Ratan Singh

Ratan SinghA villager who lives around the park, he helps improve relations between villagers and the forest department. He believes that the national park is the heritage of the children of Bharatpur, explaining to villagers that the resident and migratory birds bring respect and income to the community.

Sonam Wangchuk

Sonam WangchukSonam Wangchuk has also designed the SECMOL campus, which runs on solar energy and uses no fossil fuels for cooking, lighting or heating, even when temperatures fall to minus 25 degrees. He now shares this technology with schools across Ladakh.

Maan Barua

Maan BaruaHe is writing two books on the birds of Kaziranga and Assam. Maan also works with young persons to promote tourism that is sensitive to wildlife and to develop in them natural history skills they could use to defend Assam’s wildlife.

Rahul Alvares

Rahul AlvaresIn 2002, he travelled to Thailand to learn how to handle king cobras. He now rescues snakes from human habitations. These incidents resulted in a second book ‘The Call of the Snake’ in 2003.

Aaron Savio Lobo

Aaron Savio LoboHe has worked on the ecology of the dog-faced water snake in the Sálim Ali Bird Sanctuary, Goa. He will soon be starting work in the Gulf of Mannar, studying the area’s sea snake population and the threats they face. Sea snakes are Aaron Lobo’s obsession.