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Rohan Chakravarty

Rohan ChakravartyRohan Chakravarty serves as a shining example of a young man who has proven that it is possible to fight for the environment without sacrificing other passions and goals that can and do drive young people.

Chandrakant G. Wakankar

Chandrakant G. Wakankar

A modest man who always puts his wards ahead of himself, Chandrakant Wakankar’s love affair with nature spans four decades of sowing seeds of appreciation for nature and knowledge in the minds of thousands of impressionable young men and women in India and across the world.

Arti Kulkarni (IBN Lokmat)

Aarti KulkarniArti Kulkarni’s passion for wildlife and environmental issues has always burned bright. For over a decade, she has worked as a filmmaker and writer to spread awareness on these concerns.

Deepak Atal (Amalgamated Plantations Pvt. Ltd.)

Rajesh SanapA special Wind Under the Wings Award goes out to a most unusual recipient... Amalgamated Plantations Private Ltd. (APPL), a Tata Group Company, which manages the heritage Hathikuli Tea Estate, led by Managing Director, Deepak Atal.

Best Tiger State Award 2012

Shirish ThakurIn recent years, as all of us are acutely aware, the tiger slide has shaken us all. And a very tentative fight back has begun. To take stock of the tiger situation in India, Sanctuary Asia undertook an internal review of key Tiger States information from our own database and from official...

Dr. George Beals Schaller

Dr. George Beals SchallerGeorge Schaller is a living legend. With a career that spans decades, his credibility and charisma have prompted several world leaders to strengthen and expand the Protected Area network for wildlife.

Sathyabhama Das Biju

Sathyabhama Das BijuBrilliant, self-effacing, and forthright, S.D. Biju is one of India’s finest field biologists. He started out as a botanist but his passion for frogs soon prompted him to work for a second PhD in Zoology from the Amphibian Evolution Lab in Brussels.

Shekar Dattatri

Shekar DattatriOne of India’s quietest and finest wildlife conservation filmmakers, Shekar Dattatri has successfully used film to spotlight the issue of our disappearing wildlife and habitats.

Gerard Martin

Ramnath ChandrashekharFounder and Director of the Gerry Martin Project, he is celebrated for his unique work with children across India. A childhood spent rescuing snakes and walking through forests led him to join the Madras Crocodile Bank Trust where he worked closely with the legendary Romulus Whitaker.

Daulat Singh Shaktawat

Daulat Singh ShaktawatIt is on the shoulders of such men that the world of conservation stands when we want to save the tiger, or its forests. Born and brought up in Rajasthan, this brave man was attacked in 1985 by the villagers of Sherpur and Khilchipur who killed a member of his patrolling party.